days and nights (the next generation)

this one will have parker and shane and michol but now parker and shane are gaurdian angels and michol is raising his adopted daughter who is sixteen alone because of shane making the decision to become an angel.

hope you enjoy kam

Chapter 1


Kyla's pov

I picked up the phone and it was my best friend Brinlee.

She wanted me to go to a party with her.

So i lied to my dad and meet her around the corner.

When we got to the party i saw him standing next to the door.

I walked up to him and said hey.

Then i walked away he followed me to the back porch.

There he grabbed my hand and we kissed but i knew it was wrong.

He was brinlees even if they were on a break.

(a little after midnight)

brinlee left me at the party cause she caught us together.

so he drove me home and he kissed me again.


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