If I Fell (Paul McCartney Short Story)

I was listening to this song and I thought I'd write a little story about it. Enjoy! :P

Chapter 1

Help Me Understand

I was sitting in the park with my best friend, Paul, and he was talking about his girlfriend. "We went walking yesterday, and it was just like any other day, honestly." He shrugged. "Sounds fun." I'm too engrossed in my book to really pay any real attention. Very rude, I know. "Rosey," "Don't call me that." I snap and look up from my book. "I was just tryin' to get your attention." Paul smiled and I hit his leg. "Well, you got it." I smirk and put a bookmark to save my reading for later.

"Primrose Faith Gregory, you're not paying attention." He said a little more seriously. "I'm sorry! I just picked this book up yesterday at the library and I haven't been able to put it down ever since." I hold it up. "I can tell." Paul snatched it away and I leap over to try and get it. He pulls it out of reach and I frown. "Give it back!" I stand up and try to jump for it, but Paul dodges. "Will you listen to me then?" "Yes!" I beg and he hands it back to me as we sit back down in the freshly cut grass.

"Now, I was saying that she's been kind of moody lately..." "She's a girl." Is all I say and roll my eyes. "Not like that moody, it seems different. And she's also been lyin' to me about tiny stuff, but I still don't like the fact that she's lyin' to me..." I sigh and put my book into my backpack. "I don't know what to tell you, Paul, but I got to get home and help mum cook dinner." I stand up again and hold out a hand to help him stand up. "I got to go home too anyways, bye Rose." We both wave as we walk separate ways and I start to walk with haste to my house.

Over the next few weeks, Paul's ramblings started to get worse. "She's hurtin' me pride." We were up in a tree today, and I was fighting the urge to pick up the book I just checked out before we met today. "Paul, if you keep complaining about her, then break up. You obviously aren't the best couple." I sigh and lean on the thick trunk of the tree. "I love her though..." "Do you?" That left him with a long silence, and I changed the subject back to dinner.

"So, you're coming over tonight?" I ask and he nods. "You sure your parents don't mind me comin' over?" "100% sure." I smile and look at his watch. "Time we get going." I drop my bag to the ground and climb down the tree from the trunk.

"You comin'?" I pick up my bag and put my hands on my hips and Paul smiles down at me. "James Paul McCartney!" He raises a brow and lands on his feet. "You're so tall." I cross my arms and pout as we walk away. "Well you are much too short." I hit his shoulder and he laughs. "I'm jus' kiddin'. You know what's for dinner then?" "Not at all." We arrived at my house and I opened the door to smell a feast.

"Is that you, Prim?" "Yes, mum, and Paul." I pulled Paul over to the kitchen where mum was cooking up a storm. ""Oh! Hello, Paul! Forgot you were comin' over." Paul waved and smiled at my mum. "Could you be a dear and get your father for me?" Mum said while focusing on a pot on the stove burner. "Go wash up Paul." I pat his back and go throw my bag into my bedroom as I find my dad.

"Dad, dinner time!" I peek into my parents' bedroom and see him sitting by the lamp reading a book. I smile and jump into his lap. "Prim, love!" He exclaimed and folded the corner of the page down. "You really should use a book mark." I grab a random piece of paper and stick it into his book. "It's time for dinner." "Is Paul here?" I nod and he smiles.

The next day after school I met with Paul at the record store. "So this Ashley girl is the one that's your girlfriend?" We were both standing outside spying in on her and her group of friends. "Yeah," "Break up with her, I know that girl." I said at once. "How so?" "From my school, she's such a prat." I spit and Paul knits his brows. "Don't say that about me girl!" "You've been complaining about her these past couple weeks!" I say a little too loudly and cover my mouth. "Maybe you're just jealous!" "What makes you think that?" I get into his face and challenge him to say something more.

"What if you were me girl then?" He blushes slightly and looks away from me. "I'm not, though." I back away and look away also. "Would you promise to be true to me?" I look away, but nod ever so slightly. "Rose, I've been meaning to tell you somethin', but I didn't know if I should or not.." "Best friends don't keep secrets from one another." Was my answer.

"I was just thinkin' that what if I fell in love with someone other than Ashley, and that other person was you?" I wanted to run away at that moment and hide in the safety of my house, but Paul grabbed my arm. "What if I gave my heart to you? Would you love me more than her?" I look inside the store to see the group of giggling girls at the cashier. "I've found out that it's more than holding hands." Paul looked into my green eyes and I was in a trance.

"I would." I finally nod. Paul takes my head into his hands and leans down and kisses me. As soon as his lips touch mine I hear about a million gasps from the store's door and we both look up to see a crying Ashley. She runs off with her lackeys behind her trying to comfort her. "That's what would happen if you were in love with me." I giggle and smile at Paul. "Well, Rose, want to go out for lunch?" "I'd love to." He takes my arm and we sauntered down the street to find somewhere to eat.


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