I Can't Be No Superman, But I'll Take The Fall...(One Direction Fan-Fic)

I Can't Be No Superman, But I'll Take The Fall...(One Direction Fan-Fic)

Name: Andy Lopez
Age: 18

Main Song: Save You Tonight by One Direction

Chapter 1

Who Knows And Who Cares

It has been five months since I've seen my parents. They send me to live with my uncle Max, who lives in London. Why did they send? Easy, they can't handle me, they say I'm to much trouble.
Now, uncle Max is only twenty years old, but very successful in life. Right now he is in charge of this band tour, and has me helping around, sort of like his assistance. Is an okay job, the money comes in handy when you have a life like mine. Almost every night I go out with my boyfriend, Jason.
"Okay, so, let us go over your song, but first, any girl that is working here under twenty five come here,"my uncle called out.
I walked up to him, with about three more girls.
"Yes?,"they all asked.
"I want you to act like their fans, I want you to make them feel like they are in a real concert,"he said to them, they all agreed. I on the other hand stayed quiet, uncle Max quickly turned and looked at me,"We got that clear?"
"Why do I have to act like I'm crazy for this band that I don't even know,"I replied crossing my arms.
"Because if you don't you'll lose your job,"he replied with a fake smile.
"Fine, whatever,"I replied throwing my hands in the air.
"Just imagine their that band you adore...The Republic and One Fray,"he replied.
"Is One Republic and The Fray,"I replied annoyed, as I walked up to the other girls.
I noticed everybody was staring at me, even the band. They had been listening to my conversation with uncle Max. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't eavesdropping wrong?
"Okay, from the start boys,"called out Max, grabbing everybody's attention once again.
"Which one?,"asked the one with curly hair.
"Um..lets do Up All Night,"he replied,"Now, remember I want you to act like you're on a real concert, that's what the girls are for....Oh, and I like to apologize if my niece does anything to offend you."
He started to laugh, as I simply gave him the finger, making him laugh harder. This is how our relationship works, and one of the reasons my parents send me to him. He is the only one that can put up with me, simply because he doesn't give a who what I do.
The guys gave me a surprise look, surprise because I just flicked my uncle off and surprise he simply laughed about it.
"What?,"I asked them taking them by surprise.
"Andy behave!,"I heard my uncle say,"Okay, playback!"
The song started and I began acting like one of those desperate fans. The song was cool, is something I would listen to.The boys acted like they were on a real concert and payed attention to us like the real deal, one even came up to us and sang, making the one of the girls scream really loud, that I'm sure he even regretted doing it.
The rest of the girls were singing along with them, I would have to, but I didn't know the song. I simply danced to it, and moved my mouth as if I were singing. Max is so lucky I needed this job, or I would have been out of here by now.
"That was great,"said Max talking to the guys.
They gave him a thumbs up, I quickly started to walk away.
"See that didn't kill ya', now did it?,"he asked simply to annoyed me.
"You're wrong, I was about to go dig my own grave,"I replied making him chuckle.
I took out my iPod and put some real music on, and put my earphones on. Stop And Stare by One Republic started to blast through them. I went back to one of my job, which was helping with the soundboard and lights.
I was working on a new lighting when I felt someone poke me from behind, I turn to expect to see Max there, but instead I saw Jason.
"What are you doing here?,"I asked him, taking off the earphones.
"I came to get you out of this hell hole,"he simply replied.
Now, Jason is a very handsome man. He is six foot five, has sea green eyes, and wavy brown hair. His skin is fair, he's the perfect man, until you realize that he can be such a jerk.
"I can't,"I told returning to my job,"Max got mad at me for last time, saying that if I do it again he will surely fire me."
"Tell him to screw off,"he simply replied hugging from the waist.
"I have,"I simply replied.
"Tell him, again,"he whispered into my neck.
I turned to face him, to tell him I couldn't, but he surprised me by kissing me. The kiss was rough and demanding, I knew what he wanted. But he also knew I wasn't going to give it to him, it never stopped him from trying though.
I decided to tease him, so, I kissed him with the same force.
"Hey, Andy, your un-,"said someone from behind Jason,"Oh never mind."
I separated to see one of the boys from the band standing there, Jason let out a frustration sigh.
"What did he want this time?,"I asked the boy.
"Andy are you coming yes or no?,"asked Jason before the boy could respond.
"I already told you no,"I replied as annoyed as him.
"Fine,"he said letting go off me, and walking away,"Just don't show up later!"
"Asz,"I whispered before returning my attention to the guy,"What was it again?"
"Uh, he said he needed to see you..something about the lights,"he replied,"Is everything okay with you and that guy? I'm sorry if I caused any problems"
"Who knows and who cares,"I simply replied as I passed him and went to check on what Max wanted.

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