I Can't Be No Superman, But I'll Take The Fall...(One Direction Fan-Fic)

I Can't Be No Superman, But I'll Take The Fall...(One Direction Fan-Fic)

Name: Andy Lopez
Age: 18

Main Song: Save You Tonight by One Direction

Chapter 2


"What is it now?,"I asked him as I walked up to him, he was taking with the band.
"Did you fix that problem with the lights?,"he asked me.
"Yep..can I leave now?,"I asked him.
"No, can you bring something to drink for me and the lads?,"he asked.
"Does it look like I'm a waitress or maid?,"I asked him.
"Nope, but it looks like you want to keep your job,"he simply replied.
"Which I'm about three seconds from quitting,"I replied.
"You can't, no other boss would let you get away with half of the stuff I do,"he replied with a small chuckle.
"You're so lucky!,"I exclaimed,"Do you want cokes? Yes okay,"I told them before they could reply walking towards the mini fridge.
"Please don't mind her, she's crazy,"my uncle told them trying to bug me.
"You know I'm only like ten feet away, and I get it from the family,"I simply replied as I got six cokes.
"I don't see how,"he replied as I walk back towards them.
"Here, if I were you I will wait some time before opening it,"I told him with a sweet glare.
"Did you shake this?,"he asked looking at me.
"Maybe,"I replied with a slight smirk as I handed the rest of the cokes.
"Right, so, have you met the band?,"he asked me.
"Nope, I'm to busy working,"I replied.
"Well, this Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis,"he said,"Guys, this is my niece Andy."
Louis was the guy that walked in on me with Jason.
They waited for me to do something when my uncle said their names. Did they really think I was a fan? Didn't they noticed I wasn't?
"If you're waiting for some screaming or gasping it ain't going to happen,"I told them.
"Uh..yeah we kinda noticed,"replied Liam.
"What part of the states are you from? I mean, you are from the states, considering your accent, right,"asked Harry.
"States?,"I asked him.
"She's from Manhattan,"said my uncle looking at the coke.
"New York?,"asked Niall.
"Yes, and would you just open it and drink it!,"I said, looking at my uncle for the last part.
"That explains the attitude,"whispered Harry with a grin, but it quickly left his face when he saw me staring at him.
"Are you whispering with a bullhorn?,"I asked sarcastically, making Louis and Niall laugh.
"I'm sorry,"he quickly replied.
"Well, Max, if you don't need me anymore I'm going to go do my work, instead of being annoyed by a bunch of dumb guys,"I told him.
"She does have an attitude problem,"said Zayn as I was leaving.
"Again, I can hear you, maybe you should wait until I leave the room so you can start talking about me,"I replied over my shoulder.
"That's Andy for you,"I heard Max say as I left, making me chuckle.

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