I Can't Be No Superman, But I'll Take The Fall...(One Direction Fan-Fic)

I Can't Be No Superman, But I'll Take The Fall...(One Direction Fan-Fic)

Name: Andy Lopez
Age: 18

Main Song: Save You Tonight by One Direction

Chapter 3

She's Back

The next I woke up early and left early to work, hoping Max would let me out early so I can party!
"..Why did you have to wait? where were you, where were you? Just a little late you found me, you found me,"I sang as I got the stage ready.
"I see you like The Fray,"said someone as I heard footsteps approaching the stage.
I turn to see the band coming to the stage.
"Oh, is the dumb boys,"I said happily, making them smile,"What are you doing here, your rehearsal starts in an hour?"
"See I told you,"Niall told Harry.
"Sorry, I thought I saw eight,"he replied.
"That's on Monday, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Today is Friday,"I told him going back to what I was doing, which was testing the mics.
"So, The Fray,"said Louis.
"Best band out there,"I replied.
"What about us?,"asked Harry raising one eyebrow.
"I don't really listen to you guys,"I replied, they looked surprised,"To tell you the truth yesterday was the first time I ever heard one of your songs."
"Wow,"replied Niall.
"And what did you think?,"asked Liam.
"It was okay, nice song by the way,"I replied with a wink making them laugh.
"Any reason why your acting...kinda..nice?,"asked Zayn.
"I want to go out tonight,"I simply replied hooking up the mics.
"Sneaky,"replied Harry with a chuckle.
"A bit,"I simply replied,"So, would you like to test the mics for me?"
"Sure,"said Louis.
They all got a mic as they got on stage, then they all looked me.
"Okay, just say your names into them one by one,"I said as I got in front of the system.
"Ha..,"Harry spoke into his mic but it got cut.
"Okay, let me fix that,"I replied moving the volume and static,"Now, try it again."
"Harry,"he spoke into it.
"Louis, whoa, what is wrong with my voice,"he said. The mic was reflecting his voice in a super high pitch making the rest of the boys laugh.
"Let me fix that,"I replied with a small chuckle,"Okay, now try it."
"Louis,"he said sounding perfect.
"Hey Louis I think I liked it better when you had your normal voice,"said Niall into his mic.
"Okay that does it! I will have lunch at Nandos...alone,"he replied.
Niall Face was to die for, poor little fella.
"Okay, now sing a verse...any song,"I told them
"You're insecure, Don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walked through the doors,"sang Liam, I gave him a thumb up.
"Shot me out of they sky..,"sang Harry, another thumbs up.
"Now I'm climbing the walls but you..,"thumbs up.
"..'Cause I'm dying to make you say..,"thumbs up.
"Where were you when everything was falling apart,"Louis started to sing, I quickly looked up and smile.
"Lost and insecure, you found me, you found..,"I sang the chorus with him, after all, it is my favorite song.
"This is a miracle,"said Max entering,"Andy singing and not fighting."
"Well, at least I wasn't fighting, but now I think I will,"I replied to annoy him.
"I know you will,"he replied rolling his eyes,"You boys are here early."
"Yep, Harry got the time mix,"replied Liam.
"Hey, can I get out early today, after all, I did come early,"I told him.
"We'll see, today you are schedule to work the whole day, until ten,'her replied.
"You're such an aszs,"I replied knowing that was a no.
"And she's back!,"exclaimed Niall.
"Yes, now Max, you can fix this shi!it,"I told him walking away.
"Uh..yeah, she's back,"I heard Zayn add.

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