I Can't Be No Superman, But I'll Take The Fall...(One Direction Fan-Fic)

I Can't Be No Superman, But I'll Take The Fall...(One Direction Fan-Fic)

Name: Andy Lopez
Age: 18

Main Song: Save You Tonight by One Direction

Chapter 5


"Do you want to talk about it?"he asked.

"You know what...I really don't...now can I please be left alone?"I asked a bit annnoyed.

He didn't respond, he just left. More anger strted to rise in me again, but this time I was mad at mysef. Why do I push away everyone who can possibly care about me? Why was I never good enough?

The rest of the day I stayed in my booth, messing with the lights, trying to see if I could come up with something better for the show. Trying not to think about anything else, though certain thoughts did cross my mind. It was ten before my shirt ended when the door opened again. I was playing with a pen, trying to keep myself calm.

"Uh...your parents called,"I heard Max's voice say. The pen slipped out of my hand and landed in my lap. I haven't spoken to them since I've been in London,"They...uh..they asked about you."

"Really?" Asked through my teeth.

"Yeah, they sounded worried."

"Funny how they didn't seem to worry when they send me away, or when I called them and they wouldn't answer,"I replied trying not to cry.

I heard shuffling of feet, so, I knew he wasn't the only one there, I turn to see Louis with him.

"Well, they are,"replied Max.

"Can I be left alone please,"I asked in a small voice, today hasn't been my day...not at all.

"Uh..sure, com on Louis, let's see if the boys want to go eat...we'll be at Nandos if you want to go,"said Max before leaving with Louis and leaving me alone.

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