That Moment When...

That Moment When...

You know you've all experienced that moment when....

Chapter 1


1.) You're listening to music, and your parents walk in the moment the lead singer cusses loudly.
2.) You are ready to enjoy a long break and something happens or you realize something that makes you want the break to end. (Ex. "Ah...can't wait to spend all of this two week break from school reading my new novel! Wait...where is that book? Dang it, I left it at school!")
3.) You get in a long line for something and you immediately feel the urge to go to the bathroom.
4.) You think you have a lot of money on you, but when you get to the register, you are broke.
5.) You really like a song, but the moment you spend $1.29 to buy it on iTunes, it starts getting overplayed on the radio to the point where you hate hearing the opening strains of the music.
6.) You buy a CD to find that you only really like one song on it.
7.) You have no idea what to get someone for a special occasion and they say, "Oh, anything! You always pick out such great gifts!"
8.) You save up all year for something that you really want, and the moment you get it, someone else buys it for you as a gift.
9.) You notice the person you like is staring at you, but when they come over to tell you something, you find out that it was because of something embarrassing. (Ex. "Um... you have a little something there.")
10.) Your favorite show leaves off with a cliff hanger and as you wait patiently for it to return, you find out that it got cancelled.
11.) You have a song stuck in your head, but you can only remember one line of it, so by the time you get it out of your head, you're sick of hearing that line.
12.) You have something really important to say, but your other intentions slip out into the sentence. (Ex. You want a new phone, and you are trying to butter your parents up for it. "Hey, Mom, your phone....I mean, hair looks really nice today.")
13.) You start laughing uncontrollably in a room full of people about a joke that you just remembered, and they start looking at you like you're insane.
14.) You have a ton that you really need to do, but you decide that you'd rather lounge around doing nothing instead.
15.) Someone asks you about your preference and then totally ignores it and does the exact opposite. (Ex. "Do you want grape juice or orange juice?" "Orange juice, please?" "Grape juice, it is!")
16.) You've been obsessed with your latest fantasy fandom, and you realize that you are speaking in Elvish or something. (Okay, maybe it's just me...)
17.) You open up a pack of gum and everybody starts rushing in and attacking you like they are pitbulls and you have the last piece of meat on earth in your hands.
18.) Somebody is reminiscing about something you two did together and you cannot remember at all what they are talking about.
19.) You start doing something really awesome to amuse and humor your friends and somebody walks by and stares at y'all laughing like hyenas and think, "What the....?"
20.) You find yourself craving that one thing that you don't have in the house.

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