Werewolfs? My opinon

Werewolfs? My opinon

Chapter 2

A second opinion

So can one really become a werewolf? Or is one simply born one. Even though scientist like to deny the fact that these even exist there has been massive studies on the structors of these creatures. Are they just folklore and massive shadows that haunt your nightmares? Or could the possibly haunt the living as well? If a scientist wishes to accept the theory of the large human canines they say it's a mental disorder in which the sick simply believes they are a wolf. And there has been cases of these. But can thought really make you a flesh craving beast even possibly change your structor? That is debatable still to this day.
The other scientific study is that of genes and that there's a certain DNA combination that cause nocturnal shift to that of a wolf man. It explains that if this DNA comes in contact with cells that do not carry it it simply observes the cells and builds into them. Those servicing a werewolf attack or coming in contact with werewolf blood could transform a mortal into one. If this has been proven it has not been shared with the world, yet many still believe it. These are the only two scientific reasons at the moment.
Another point of transformation comes from witchcraft. There are many methods and spells for becoming a werewolf in files world wide. Most of them including going out into an open field during a full moon drawing a figure on the ground and mixing a potion of peculiar ingredients then bathing in it. Or wearing a necklace of only wolf teeth and preforming a ceremony near fire. Seems a bit far fetched but yet again I don't need to try it.

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