Disastorus Revelations (Sequal to Spreading Soul)

Characters: Anthea Johnson (Soon to be Chance), Haven Metropolis (Soon to be Jones), Davan Jones, and Nova Scott

Chapter 1


"Oh Ann," Nova sighed. "That dress looks amazing on you."
I looked at myself. "You think? I altered it last minute, so I didn't know."
Haven put her chin on my shoulder. "Your wedding will never top mine."
I smiled. "Oh yes it will."
Nova smiled sadly and we hugged her.
"It's okay, Nov!" I cried.
She laughed and pushed me away. "No feeling bad for me on your wedding day!"
It was a year after Haven and Davan's wedding. Cody had proposed the night after. Of course I said yes. I had asked my collage roommate Elizabeth and Nova to be my bridesmaids and Haven to be my maid of honor. See, Haven Nova and I had a deal. Haven would make Nova her maid of honor, I would make Haven my maid of honor and Nova would make me hers. Nova and Lars were...in a complicated relationship. He was in the military. And when he gets back from training, they have plans. I'm hoping that involves a ring, but you never know.
"Come on, ladies," Mom said with tears in her eyes.
I rolled my eyes. "Mom, it hasn't even started yet."
She nodded and blew her nose. "I know, I know. It's just my baby is getting married."
Haven handed me the bouquet of pink roses, white lilies and blue forget me nots. I flipped my hair from my face and looked at my reflection. I had on light pink lip gloss and a brush or two of mascara. I had very light blush and surprisingly that is the most make up I have ever worn in my life. I don't do make up. Not even when Elizabeth through that party in our dorm.

Her dress: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=55566917

Dad and my brothers stood with us behind the doors. Jacob looked at me.
"I thought you were supposed to be pretty on your wedding day."
I smacked him. "Shut up."
He smiled. "Just kidding."
Jonah didn't want to walk down the isle so he agreed to be Cody's groomsman with Davan. After lots of bribing. Amanda, Cody's niece, was the flower girl. She was the same age as Josh, the ring bearer, who was nine. I breathed in. Mom patted my arm and walked out next.I nervously twisted my ring. Elizabeth hugged me and walked out next with her small bouquet of pink roses. Nova winked at me and asked, "You gonna puke?"
I snorted. "Thanks for the thought."
She laughed and walked out with the white lilies. Haven gripped my hand and I looked at her with a nervous smile.
"You ready?" I asked.
"Only if you are, best friend!" she said brightly.
I nodded and pushed her out. Jacob followed her and she smiled down at him. He gave her a nervous laugh and they started walking. Josh, Amanda, my dad and I were the only ones left.
I pushed Amanda and Josh out and took another huge breath. Dad took my hand and smiled down at me. I smiled back.
"You ready for this, sweet heart?"
I nodded. "Yeah. I'm just gonna try to think that no one is looking at me."
He kissed my forehead. "You do that."
"All rise for the bride."
Dad pushed the door open and we stepped out onto the isle. I put on a huge smile and looked up at the front. Haven waved slightly and Elizabeth winked. Nova laughed and everyone looked at her. I started laughing and soon everyone else was too. The rest was a blur until Cody kissed me and everyone clapped.

The reception.
"Your food is delicious," Nova said.
"I want to go to the chocolate fountain again," Davan said.
I got up and smiled. "Who wants to dance?"
Cody stood up and led me to the dance floor. I had taken a break for awhile and sat down for some fruit. Jonah had brought a date and they were slow dancing. I told the dj to play something fun and lots of people got up to dance. Haven and Davan forgot about the food and came out to dance with us.
"This is a good wedding," Haven said. "But I still say mine was better."
"Oh really?" I said with a smile.
"There is only one way to settle this," Cody said, pushing us to the middle of the dance floor. I looked at him and smiled. Haven smirked.
"Dance off."

The night went perfectly. Everyone had a good time and I was finally married to Cody. My soul mate, the person who saved me from a virus. Might not sound romantic when put like that, but it certainly was. We held hands and walked on the beach in the moon light, just enjoying the moment.

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