Draco Malfoy- gotta love and hate him- part 8

Gahhh. this is my second version because Quibblo decided to erase all of my first one on me.

Chapter 1

What is wrong with you????

Draco's POV
I finally know how I'm going to win Jadea over, I thought about this all yesterday...
I'm going to make her jealous.
I get up and get dressed quickly so I could find Pansy before she headed down to the great hall.
"Yes Draco." said the pug-faced girl. What I'm going to put myself through to be with Jadea.
"You're going to be my girlfriend."
"I would love to Draco, baby!" I frown at her
"Don't call me that." I say and grab her hand and drag her to the great hall.
We get there and Jadea was sitting there without Blaise and was surrounded
by Durmstrang guys.
"Good morning, Jadea" I say and sit down she looked at me annoyed.
"What do you want?"
"Nothing." I said and kissed Pansy. Jadea didn't even look like it upset her. Just then a Durmstrang guy put his arm around her. She rolled her eyes and shrugged it off. Who does this guy think he is touching MY girl!!!!!
"Jadea you go to the yule ball with me?" Asked another guy.
"No I won't. Guys leave me alone."
"Listen to the lady." Said a voice behind me. I looked and there was George Weasly and Jadea was smiling hugely at him. All of the Durmstrang guys left. the Weasly sat down next to me.
"So I heard you and Blaise broke up." WHAT!?
"Um- yeah last night I saw him kissing another girl." She said but she didn't look like she was sad maybe even a little happy.
"Oh I'm sorry. I'm always here for you, you know." She smiles a real smile. I have to break up with Pansy. Then another Durmstrung guy comes up and sits next to her. He lookes at her and she blushes.
"Jadea I really like you would you please be my date to the Yule Ball?"
"Of course." She said smiling and got up then kissed him on the cheeck.
I was sitting on the couches when Jadea came in smiling
"We're you having fun with your little Durmstrung boyfriend." I say and trap her against the wall.
"Draco leave me alone don't you have someone else to bother or do you love ruining my life because you do it so often."
"What are you talking about?"
"George broke up with me because of you, Blaise cheated on me because he thinks you like me and was trying to break up with me before I broke up with him for you, which I wouldn't do. So you see every guy I semi like you mess it up for me." I just laugh at her but it's because I was mad that she woudn't break up with Bliase for me. She slaped my face and pushed me away. "What is wrong with you!?" She said and cried her way up to her room, I've never seen her cry before and it broke my heart that I was the cause of it.
What WAS wrong with me?


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