Midnight Freedom

A Poem

by Anthony J. C. Q.

Chapter 1


Sink down lower,
Than it has all day.
Sky bleeds red,
As the sun sets away.

Patiently I wait,
'Till night finally falls.
And now I'm free again,
Free again.
Free in the night.

My masks slips off,
And I'm free again.
I can do anything.
I can be anyone.

No longer trapped,
In the endless lies.
The lies that I spin.
Oh how the web is twisted.

The moon slowly rises,
And I'm free again,
Free again.
Free in the night.

Clear, midnight sky.
It takes me away.
And I'm free,
For the whole night.

Tree branches rustle.
And animals roam.
Look all around,
I've finally come home.

Embrace the night,
Find somewhere safe.
I'm out and about.
'Cause I'm free again,
Free again.

And I'll take to the street.
Moonlight guides me.
And I'll finally defeat,
The monster inside me.

But soon the moon sets,
And soon the day breaks.
I'm trapped again,
Trapped again.
For the day.


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