His Kingdom

A Poem/Story

by Anthony J. C. Q.

Chapter 1

His Kingdom

I'm the king!
Childish laughter.
And this is my kingdom!
Day dreams and wonder.

He rules his kingdom,
Without pain and woe.

He rules his kingdom,
Like any good king would.

And his kingdom will last.
Even as it's destroyed.
He'll always be king,
As he rightfully should.

Long live the king!
Imaginary friends.
All hail the king!.
His dream never ends.

He goes away,
And the kingdom fades.
It turns to rubble,
And he's gone for days.

Days turn to weeks,
Weeks to months,
Months to years.

And one day,
One day he comes back.
The kingdom long faded.
His subjects now gone.

But he's back again.
And the kingdom echoes with silent laughter.
He walks down the path,
He so happily created.

The young boy,
So lonely.
Created a land of his own.

He found a place,
To call his home.

And he laughs,
As imaginary subjects,
Love and adore him.

But that lonely boy,
He's all grown up.
Job and family.
He's been gone years.

But one day he remembers.
And he comes back.
The kingdom he ruled,
Is faded and black.

But the memories stayed.
And so did the echo,
Of a lonely little boy,
Who's finally found home.

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