Me and my BFF(Love story)

Just tell me if it'sgood or not ;D
this is not true, it's made up

Chapter 1

Me and my bff

by: anne26
I'm at a sleepover with my best friend. We've been friends for years but lately I'm feeling something more.. we'd just been going crazy, dancing to our song (The Time.. dirty bit by black-eyed peas) and we're now lying on her bed, panting but still smiling. She looks beautiful.. her newly brown hair with bright red highlights was perfect for her. Usually I'm pretty good at hiding my new confused feelings but at times like this i just wanna pull her close to me and... kiss her? How would she react to that? And why did I wanna kiss her?? I've always liked boys!! But it's time to do something about this before I go crazy. So I scooted closer to her, turned her head to me and kissed her full soft lips. fireworks... better than anything I've ever felt for a boy.. and she was kissing me back! She put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. Hungry for more, I crawled on top of her, running my fingers through her soft hair. She let me take control and I licked her lips begging for entrance.. just as things were getting steamy, her mom knocked on the door.. I jumped off her and she smoothed down her hair and hurried to the door: dinner time!

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