Anime truths and dares

Chapter 1


by: h8rt4u
Hello my name is H8rt4u(Chianne). I have read stories like this so I will now make one. So please send me dares and truths you would like me to tell an anime character.
Japan: Chianne-chan time to calm down and stop eating ramen. Me: But Japan-san I like ramen and its makes be more active. Naruto: Did someone say ramen I want RAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me: Naruto calm down and here have some beef ramen with some curry powder. (gives Naruto beef curry ramen) Naruto: Thank you Chianne-Chan.
Japan: ~sigh~ I'm just going to go now. (exits) Me: 9runs after Japan) Come back Japan don't go. (truns to reader) Oh and Please sent some truth and dares. Thank you. Italy: I made Pasta ~Ve~


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