One Last Goodbye.....

If you care you read.....

Chapter 1

She left, You can't stop me.

My best friend on here just killed herself. I'm joining her. I have a couple of messages:

avatarfreak: You were my first friend on here. I appreciate everything you've done for me.
glory7/Perfectly_Me: You were there for me. I promised to stay, but that's a promise that will be broken.
PheonixSong114: You were my best friend ever on here. I will miss you. Don't grieve over my death.
musicnerd01: Hack as many times as you want. I'll give you my profile. Goodbye.
All my other friends: I will miss you all. Even if I barely knew you.

I'm leaving, you can't stop me. I broke promises, I never deserved to be born. I can't think straight. Miss you all.......

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