About Me

My about me is full. Here is a more simple yet more informing version.

Chapter 1


Book: all the Percy Jacksons
Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Movies: The Wedding Planner or The Mummy
Songs: Hall of Fame by The Script or Thrift Shop by Macklemore
Website: Quibblo
Food: ICE CREAM!!!!!
Animal: Orca, wolf, dolphin, puppies, kittens, turtles, ducks
Band: One Direction and The Script
Show: Doctor Who
Villan: Freddy Krueger and Ghostface
Hero: Thor
Story on Quibblo: Dream On (Harry Styles love story)
Actors: Johnny Depp, Tim Allen
Actresses: Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts

Eyes: light brown with a dark ring around the outside
Hair: brown
Height: they said somewhere around 62 inches, you do the math

Fear: elevators
Random: TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!
Flat Out Weird: NAH DIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a smartmouth. I am a dedicated Directioner. I am opinionated. I am a quarter Mexican. Hola. I am goofy. I am smart. Last year at the Awards Assembly I got not only the award for best Achievement Test scores in Reading, but I also the best scores in Math. I can come up with a smart retort to any insult, and trust me if you insult me you will regret it if I want you to. I love to dance and sing and write and read. I am a Christian. I LOVE LOVE LOVE 80s movies. I love the song Dont You (Forget About Me), which happened to be on an 80s movie. The reason I named my profile turtle Michelangelo is because Michelangelo is my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Oh, and, profile turtle means its my profile picture, not an actual turtle. My mom won't let me get an actual turtle. I love to talk so message me! I can't get on as much as I used to so it could be a couple days before I reply. I have a little brother (Love ya bro!) If you wanna know anything else then message me!


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