This is a story about bullying.

Chapter 1


Florence sat on her soft bed. Enough was enough. For the last two months everyone has made fun of her for something she didn't cause. All she did was talk to some boy, and then a group of jealous girls spread rumors about her. Lindsey, Taylor, and Mia.

No one likes you! The words rang in her head. People would shove her into lockers. Some kicked and hit her. On the internet they'd call her petty names. And they hurt.

She heard her brother and dad hoot and hollar at the football game on their TV. She smiled a bit. Florence stood up and went to stand in front of her full-length mirror.

Florence took in her appearance. Long greasy black hair. Short. Pasty white skin. Rotten green eyes. The kids were right, she was ugly. Her grades were low. She always wore handy-downs. Her parents weren't poor, but wasn't rich either. Average. She was below average.

Her wrists had scars all over them, and she saw droplets of water on her wrists. She had been crying.

Florence walked over to the stool, and the noose the hanged before her. Her feet stepped onto the stool, and a minute later the noose was around her neck...And she swung quietly above the ground.

A/N- This is a story about bullying, and cyber bullying. It's hard not to cry when writing this. But before you click this story off. Before you go and comment, rate, or add to your favorites. Listen to me.

Words hurt. They hurt bad. And when you call someone a name, or tease them, you may think it's funny, but in reality you're just pushing them farther off a cliff.

The people you bully, make fun of, have three choices.
Choice 1 is to ignore it, and look for hope every step of the way.
Choice 2 is to quit life, and kill any future they might've had.
and Choice 3 is to rebel. Kill YOUR future you might've had.

I will admit, I say things I shouldn't say. I do things I shouldn't do. I have been in the view point as the bully, and the victim. And it doesn't feel good. Many times I have looked at my knife I sleep with and wonder if I should just end it there.I have a knife, a rope and stool, plastic bag, and a gun. I could easily end it. But I don't.

Why, you may ask? Because I know tomorrow it might get better. This is just a smaller portion of my life that will be gone forever after a year or so. You think you have it bad? Many people have it worse, you just need to get through it.

Now, I want you to share this with everyone as possible. Rate it high. Favorite it. Comment on it. Not for my expense, but for others. The more people who reads this, the more it gets top rated, and popular.

Also, stand up for yourself and others.If you see someone get bullied or tease, step in and tell the bully what they're doing is wrong. Join awareness groups. Anything that can help people.

I'll leave now, just remember. Tomorrow might be better, so don't give up.



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