For Crazy_For_Cookies's Story Contest- Clove's Death Through Her Eyes

Chapter 1


A cold breeze blows through the trees, making me shiver.
"Cato, don't die." I say, reaching for his hand.
"Don't worry, Clovey." Cato responds.
"DO NOT call me Clovey! My name is Clove!"
"Alright, alright!" he says, holding his hands up in surrender, "...Clovey."
"I hate you."
"I love you, too. Now, don't die."
"I won't. Katniss and Finch? What kind of a challenge is that? As long as you get Thresh, I'll be fine."
"I will, Clove." We stand there, holding hands, until the table appears with the first glints of dawn.
"Love you, Cato." I say, walking toward the table.
"Love you, Clove. Yell if you need me." I
"I will. Now I've got a star-crossed-lover to kill."
"I've got a Thresh to kill." I turn back to the table, only to see Finch race across and grab her bag. She's too smart.
But that's not the point. My target is standing on the other side of the clearing, standing between Cato and I going home. And for Cato, I'll kill her.


"CATO! CATO! HELP!" I scream, "CATO!" Thresh picks me up as if I weigh nothing. I try to get to my knives, but I can't. He's got me.
"OVER—" Unbearable pain fills my body. I slide to the bottom of the Cornicopia, broken. I cannot win, now. I just hope I get to say goodbye to Cato before I go.
"CLOVE! Clove!" He says, spotting my crumpled body.
"Cato..." I wisper, barely able to get the words out. "Win... For me."
"Clove! Don't give up! You can make it! Hold on!" He says, panicked.
"I... Can't."
"Clove! Clove, I love you! Don't go!"
His kiss is the last thing I feel as I fade into the blackness of death, no longer unbeatable. The unbreakable, broken. I don't wait long for my Cato, though.


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