A Bit Of Irish Charm

A Bit Of Irish Charm

Coamihe O’Connell is 16 and very proud to be Irish. With her long Flaming Auburn Hair and sparkling Green Eyes, she soon catches the attention of all the boys in her new school in America. She is confident, fun loving and an all round lovable Girl but the one thing she is not is happy. Her family has just died and moving to America is her chance at a fresh start. And with a bit of her irish charm shes running circles around her charming mate, and nearly everybody in this werewolf packed town

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Clair961
Looking in the mirror I can’t help but point out the flaws. My skin paler than usual, messy hair, dark bags under eyes the list goes on and on but one thing really stands out, my usual piercing green eyes have faded to a dull green with a hollowed look, eyes that once held a spark of happiness has long gone leaving behind nothing but sorrow and sadness that no matter how many times I repeat the sentence ‘I'm fine, thanks’ and I've never once meant it but I need to keep a brave face and get on with things.
I've decided that this will be the last time I will be this weak, I will no longer wallow in self-pity. My life has just gone to s**t, my whole family had just died and I'm moving to live with my aunt and her son in America to God knows where, all I know is it has similar weather to Ireland only they actually have summer there and not as much rain. It’s the End of June and I have everything packed and ready to go. I'm thankful that I have the summer to grief and prepare myself for school. Yay.

2 Months Later

I like my sleep, like any ordinary person should. Okay that’s a bit of an understatement, I LOVE my sleep so you can guess how annoyed I got when Andrew, my older by 1 year over protective cousin rips my blanket from me but too bad for him I'm stubborn and determined and well you don’t really need a blanket to sleep so I just cover my face with my pillow and hope he goes away but no such luck, I can still hear his heart beat and his scent it still strong, that’s another bonus to being a werewolf, I'm stronger and faster than humans and my senses are heightened. Because this is a blood thing my whole family were wolves and so is my cousin here-
“Coamihe O’Connell! Get the he/ll up! You have school today!’’ Andrew roared knowing full well it would pi/ss me off and it worked, I threw my pillow at him and give him dirty looks waiting for him to leave before I lose my temper but he’s just standing there with a confused look on his face.
‘‘Leave.’’ I know if I say more it will involve a few too many swear words but I don’t care
‘’What? So you can go back to sleep? I don’t think so!’ he said with a determined look on his face that said he means business
‘‘You know fully well that I'm not a morning person so I suggest you leave so I can get ready or I will b/loody deck you!’’ I said this as I got up and walked up to him to show I mean it.
‘’Fine, but if you go back to bed I will kill you! And you have an hour before I leave for school so be ready’’ he said on his way out the door
‘‘Di/ck.’’ I mumbled to myself not really caring if he heard or not because he knows I love him and from the faint 'i heard that' i knew he heard, it’s just the way we get on together. I stumble over to my docking station and start to play some Sleeping With Sirens. I check my phone for any messages, nope! Nothing. I lift the clothes I picked out last night off my desk chair and bring them into my bathroom to get changed into after a quick shower and dry my hair quickly letting it fall into its natural copper waves stopping halfway down my back, I quickly change into my favorite black mini skirt which has two pockets with gold buttons at the front and a gold zip up the back (Not the slutty kind of mini skirt, its waist high and it stops just above my finger tips) with plain black tights and a pair of floral patterned black tights over the top so the colour is thick, I put on my black vest top with some studs and tuck it into the skirt, I put my electric blue checkered shirt on leaving it open and not tucked in, with the sleeves rolled up. Next I put on the same colour of eyeliner as my shirt on, then I put a coat of blue glitter eye liner over the top of it and apply some mascara that makes my lashes almost touch my eyebrows cos they are that long. Checking I have all my earrings in (I sleep with them in) yep all 6 of them! Ok after straightening my septum and changing my tongue barbell to a plain one, I'm ready to go! I put on my black pumps which are covered in studs then I grab my black hoodie and bag on my way out of my room but I lift my iPod, earphones & phone on my way out and down to the kitchen with 30 mins to 15mins to spare. I dump my bag and hoodie by the front door and skip into the kitchen to see Andrew scarfing down 2 slices of toast at the same time, must be hungry. Once he notices my arrival he gave me a strange look before returning back to his food, weird.
‘’I know I'm gorgeous and all but stop looking, we are related so its just weird.’’ he said after swallowing his food and I scowl at him before lifting my lunch and 3 apples, placing one in my lunch bag and start eating one of them and setting the other on the table.
‘’Ready for your first day of school cevs?’’ (cevs is short for Coamihe)
‘’I guess?’’ it sounded more like a question but he’s acting weird today.
‘’don’t worry it will be great!’’
‘’you sound more excited about it than I Am..’’ I said pulling a face at him as he is practically bouncing in his seat with excitement
‘’well yea! Its not every day my baby cousin starts my school! You get to meet all my friends and don’t worry they are real nice and you can sit with us at lunch’’ he said this with such happiness that I ignored the baby comment and laughed at him, he may be a year older but he is so childish is unbelievable, but the I guess that’s why we get along so well.
‘Oh! I almost forgot, just a bit of warning you will be hit on a lot today so if anybody wont take a hint, just get me and if you cant find me I'm sure you can get a good punch in and run.’ He said getting up from his seat and leavening the kitchen. I finish my apple off and chuck it into the bin and follow behind him
‘what makes you think I will even get hit on?’ I questioned. I'm really not much to look at and I'm pretty childish so…
‘trust me they will and nobody can resist that adorable Irish accent of yours’
not sure what else to say to that I just get in the car with my hoodie & lunch stuffed into my bag along with a couple note books and a pencil case with all I need, along with my Sketch pad and I make sure my iPod, phone & earphones are safely in my skirt pockets. I set my bag at my feet and play with the radio as Andrew pulls out of the driveway and starts towards school which is only a 20 min walk, which I wanted to do but Andrew insisted on taking me on my first day and I cant resist his puppy dog eyes.

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