Only You (A One Direction Love Story)

Whoever wants to sign up message me :D One Direction will be famous but if you want, you can already know them!

This is written by me and The_Nialler_Inside_

Chapter 1

Character Infos

My Character's Info

Name: Kelly Smith
Age: 17
Boyfriend: Niall Horan
Personality: sames as Niall's personality
Appearnace: same as Ariana Grande but with blue eyes
Best Friends: One Direction
Other: Has known Niall since preschool

The_Nialler_Inside's Character Info

Name: Alyssa Harison
Age: 18
Boyfriend: None
Personality: really shy, pretty friendly towards everyone unless she doesn’t like them. Likes to laugh and laughs at almost everything
Looks: Sara Paxton with brown hair
Friends: Jaimee and Carter

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