Omegling with a Hiddlestoner!

Chapter 1

I love him, she loves him!

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like avengers.
You: hi
Stranger: hey :)
You: i see that you also like the avengers
Stranger: Yes! :3
Stranger: who doesn't? ;)
You: crazy people! whos your favorite character?
Stranger: Umm, probably Tony
Stranger: or BlackWidow
Stranger: how about you? :)
You: im a fan of hawkeye. and i kind of like loki. no clue why, but i do. and tony... i started asking people about shawarma because of him XD
Stranger: omg yes! Loki!
Stranger: I forgot about himxD
Stranger: I LOVE LOKI
Stranger: YES!
Stranger: Tom Hiddleston is perfection
You: Yes he sure as hell is!
You: Can't wait for his new movie!
Stranger: I know! :3
Stranger: I just sit on Tumblr fangirling about him all day xD
Stranger: and other awesome crap xD
You: When I found out he was filming another AND going to be in the next Thor, I squealed! And gifs galore of him from Tumblr!
Stranger: omg same! xD
Stranger: I would die without Tumblr...
Stranger: how else would I scream over his beaut face>
Stranger: ?*
You: exactly! and i set his glorious laugh as my ringtone. if i hear a text, it laughs. makes me giggly inside
Stranger: omg, that's amazing! xD
You: and youtube! if i didnt have tumblr or youtube, i would die! seeing him on youtube makes my day!
Stranger: of course, YouTube too L4
Stranger: :3*
Stranger: basically the internet
You: i wish he was in more movies. better yet, cast him in all of them!
Stranger: they should do that :3 xD
You: definitely! and i figured out what i want for christmas from anyone. i found this awesome as hell tshirt and it shall be mine!
Stranger: okay, that is truly amazing xD
Stranger: Seriously, I want that T-shirt now :')
You: me too! its just... wow! when i saw it, i yelled "Where is that shirt?!" XD
Stranger: haha, I probably would have done but my whole family are asleep and I don't think they'd accept the excuse 'BUT IT'S ABOUT TOM HIDDLES' as an excuse for waking them up xD
You: Ha! Neither did my family when i told campfire stories last night. they looked at me when Prince Tom ended up with the princess. and laughed
Stranger: aww, it sounds like a good story xD
You: it was AMAZING! they dont understand the powers of Hiddles
Stranger: Clearly :')
Stranger: Okay, I should probably go to bed now coz it's 12:38pm and I keep going to bed real late and then sleeping in until like 2:00pm :')
You: Haha good night! Hiddles forever!
Stranger: haha of course!


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