I Know You Can Love with That Tortured Heart (A Steve Leonard Love Story)

So I wanted to create another love story but from Cirque Du Freak because you never see a lot of those! So the main characters name is Adare Watson. She is 16 years old. Thats her inthe picture.

Chapter 1

And The Leopard Comes Out

Steve was going through a hard time. With his friend, Darren, dead and his mom acting like well... herself. I just wanted to help. He walked around school peeved or always having his nose in a book. Which is really unusual. I was taking history with him. His usual self was so happy being with Mr. Dalton but he was jamming his pencil into his desk. I guess he has really turned into his Leopard self.
"Steve is there something wrong?" I cursed to myself and knew those were the wrong words. "What the Hell is that supposed to mean," he yelled standing straight up sending his desk to the ground. "Steve you have not been acting like yourself thats all," Mr. Dalton said calmly motioning for him to sit back down. He was confused and I don't blame him none of us were expecting this just by his friend dying.
"You know what this is all bull sht no one even knows the truth! And you all probably are thinking what the hell is this boy doing hes crazy! Well guess what I am!" He ran out of the room leaving his belongings behind. Mr. Dalton was stunned an outburst from the teacher's pet how peculiar. "What was that?" His eyes met mine and only mine expecting the answer. "I don't know! Why do you expect me to know?" I said exasperated. They always expected me to know just because I was his neighbor.
I mean I know a lot of things by being his neighbor but even if I did know I wouldn't tell these pricks. "Miss Adare you will go see what is the problem?" "What!? Why me.... Whatever sure." I got up from my desk grabbing my backpack and being handed another backpack. I looked at it and it had 'Leopard' on it etched with black sharpie. "See you," I mumbled and went out of the room.
The moment the door closed I felt free! I could say I was looking for Steve the whole day and not come back to school! Hell ya! I ran out of the building with the vice principal look at me oddly but acted like he never even saw me. My house was eleven huge blocks away but I got there pretty quickly sprinting. I was entering my house when I felt extra weight and then I remembered I had Steve's backpack. "Crap," I groaned and sat down on my doorstep.
I was gonna wait for him to go to his house but then curiousity washed over me and I wanted to look at the book he was always reading. My hands roamed i nhis backpack and then came in contact with the only book he had in his pack. I pulled it out slowly and read the cover. 'The Vampire Encyclopedia by Matthew E. Bunson' I couldn't help but smirk to myself. Vampires I don't know why but I found them fascinating. I heard that the vampire encyclopedia by Matthew E. Bunson was supposed to be true. I would give anything! to be a vampire.
I started flipping through the book. I just looked at the pictures first and then went to the table of contents. The first chapter, The True For-- "What are you doing with my book?" A gravelly voice said. I looked up and saw Steve. "Reading it what else?" I said scrunching my face up. He rolled his eyes amd snatched his book back. "Do you believe in vampires," I asked quietly. I believed in them but most people thought it was saintanic. So I always kept it too myself. I looked into his eyes and found him staring at me. They were both blood shot and puffy. "Yea," he whispered so quietly I almost thought I imagined it. "Steve.... were.. were you crying?" His eyes became furious and he pushed me against the door. I started panicing and struggling but his grip was too strong. "Steve," I gasped.
His grip only tightened but then he stopped and slumped to the ground in tears.
"Steve," I gasped and crawled over to him. "Adare can you keep a secret?" He asked not looking at me. I couldn't help but smile. A secret? How childish! "Sure I can anything for you." He looked up at me with intensity. "Vampires are real. Darren was turned before he died. But the truth is he isn't actually dead." He searched my face for an expression but I couldn't give any. I mean how was I supposed to believe this? I mean vampires being real could happen but Darren being alive. I had a feeling he wasn't lying because how could someone make up a lie that big?
I gulped and returned his look. "I believe you." I felt his arms envelop around me. "I have to go. But I'll see you tomorrow," he said with an awkward smile. He leaned in towards me slightly and I leaned in also. But then he was gone.
One Week Later
I hadn't talked to him once. He kept trying to approach me but I would leave without a word. I didn't know what to do! I wish I never told him I believed him! I mean he would have gone Leopard on me but then he would be angry at me and he would leave me out. I don't even know why he told me! I mean seriously the girl who hasn't talked to him once but wanted to know more since he was mysterious.
School was over for the day and it was Friday. Other kids were talking about their plans this weekend while I was walking around awkwardly waiting for my brother to pick me up.
He was a year older than me but I only had my permit, I am 16. I knew Josh, brother, wouldn't be here at 3:20 automatically but lately I have been more skiddish since I was positive vampires were real. I could hear people leaving the school yard leaving me alone there. Besides the teachers in the building. I shoved my headphone into my MP3 player and started listening to Black Black Heart by David Usher. 'Black black heart why would you offer more? Why would you make it easier on me to satisfy? I'm on fire I'm rotting to the core. I'm eating all your kings and queens. All your sex and your diamonds. All your sex and your diamonds. All your sex and your diamonds.' I felt a hand on my shoulder an I jumpe dout of my skin. "Holy shit don't sneak up o nme like that Steve!"
I was literally shaking because I was so scared. "Whatever but Adare why have you been avoiding me? Darren started doing that before he died." I could hear the hurt in his voice and I felt sorry. "Look I didn't mean anything by it I just... I don't know if I should talk to you I guess." "What?" He said with even more hurt. "I'm sorry but Steve seriously everyone thinks--" "So now you care what people say! What you finally getting hurt by people who are saying you're a freak? That people think you're ugly you should kill yourself? Huh?"
I whipped my head towards him and wanted to cry. He didn't want to hurt me it was defense. Tears were in his eyes once again. I wrapped my arms around his neck and placed my head on his shoulder. He was tense but I ignored it. "Get off of me," he said with a shaky voice.
I ignored him and held onto him tighter. "Adare!" He warned. I closed my eyes and felt his hands push me harshly onto the ground. My arm was stinging but I stood up in front of him. "I'm sorry." "Its ok," I said. I sat next to him awkwardly. "I have to go. See you tomorrow," he said like usual but still sat next to me. I turned my head in confusion but he placed a hand under my chin. And pressed his lips against mine. I didn't even know what to do. I mean Steve Leonard was kissing me! I put my arms on his chest and kissed him harder. He smirked in the kiss but then someone honked their horn. I looked up seeing the old Chevy and knew it was Josh. "Bye," I whispered embarassed and sped off. I left Steve with a proud smile on his face.


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