One Direction One Shot: Confronting @PlasticBieber with Harry Styles.

This is really freaking retarded, but I was bored. I hope you all know who @PlasticBieber is. Just know that there's a reasonable amount of language here.

Chapter 1

:P :D

You had been dating the curly-haired One Direction boy for one month today. You didn't have any idea what you wanted to do for your special day. You were reading Twitter, and you decided to go to @PlasticBieber. Back before you met Harry, when you were just a crazed Directioner, you used to read her posts, and wish somebody would do something about it. Well now, YOU'RE DATING HARRY STYLES, so obviously you can do WHATEVER THE PHUCK YOU SET YOUR MIND TO. So you used your superpowers, aka your iPhone, to find out where PlasticBieber lives, and made a plan to hunt her down...just as your boyfriend walked in the door.
"Y/N! Happy one month!" You heard him say. You ran over to him and kissed him. He followed you back to the couch. You both sat down, and you picked up your iPhone and showed him your PlasticBieber tracking device.
"What are you doing?" He laughed at you.
"We're gonna track this biitch down and show her who's boss," You said with a straight face.
"But why? Why can't we just stay here and I'll show you who's boss?" he said, winking.
"Ugh," you sighed. You knew what would change his mind. You showed him all of the posts PlasticBieber made about him, because he hadn't seen them yet. After he read them, he threw your phone across the room, jumped off of the couch, and screamed,
"THAT BIITCH NEEDS TO DIE," You rolled your eyes and said,
"Well since you decided to destroy my phone, we have no idea where she is..."
"Biitch please, I'm Harry phucking Styles," he said, grabbing your hand. All of a sudden, you shot through the roof, and the next thing you know, you were crashing through PlasticBieber's house. You landed on your head, but it didn't hurt. That's what dating Harry Styles does to you. You looked around, and there you saw her. PlasticBieber.
"Uhhh...," she said, thinking of nothing else to say before Harry snapped his fingers and an army of vicious Directioners appeared.
"ATTACK," he commanded them. Suddenly, PlasticBieber was being punched in the face by 1293473948374657347529838742387 angry Directioners all at once. Harry clicked his Converse together and Justin Bieber came floating down from the sky.
"Yo Harry, my 1D brother! You called?" Justin said with his unbelievable swag.
"Take care of THAT," your boyfriend said, and it happened at once, Justin lifted his hand, and he biitch-slapped PlasticBieber so hard, that she crashed through the walls of her room, through the surrounding woods, through a few small towns, a Taco Bell, the Mall of America, and finally landing in Carly Rae Jepsen's swimming pool. You looked over at Harry, with wide eyes and your jaw to the floor.
"What!?" he exclaimed, wondering why you were looking at him like that.
"What the HELL just happened?" you asked.
"Oh, that. It's nothing."
"So you're telling me that when you click your heels together, Justin Bieber summons from the sky, and you have an army of Directioners that appear when you snap your fingers? And, uhm, THAT'S nothing?" He just shrugged, smiled, and said,
"...Happy one month?"

A/N: I couldn't resist. I purposely made it this stupid, unlike the other romantic ones I've written. I'll post those later.


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