I NEED ADVICE PLEASE!!! Boy problems...

Having boy troubles :(

Chapter 1


So about four months ago i met a guy named Daniel. My friend Anna introduced me to him at school. At first i thought he was cute but i didn't think i would end up having feelings for him. He just wasn't my type. He was . . . nerdy. But in a cute way. So i continued to talk to him for a couple weeks and i realized he was really nice. He became one of my close friends and he still is to this day. It wasnt long after that that he told me he liked me. I was so confused because i had just gotten out of a relationship and i was still trying to get over him. I have no idea why i still had feelings for my ex after he cheated on me and then dumped me but anyways . . . I started to have feelings for Daniel but i was so afraid to get close to him because i was so tired of having my heart broken over and over again. Its been a while now and Daniel and i have become so close. We cant go a day without talking to eachother. I love him and ive told him this and hes told me he loves me too. He has helped me through so much. Hes the reason i stopped cutting and ive just been happier since i met him. He has asked me out multiple times but i always say no because i dont wanna risk ruining our friendship. (I lost my best friend Marc because we went out and it didnt work. He was my best friend since kindergarten and now we dont talk at all.) So everything sounds pretty great right? He loves me, i love him, we should just go out right? Wrong. Theres a twist.

A couple days ago i was on facebook and i got a friend request from a guy named Eli. (I was madly in love with him both years of jr high. Everyone said it was so obvious that we liked eachother but we never really admitted it.) So i accepted the friend request not really caring about it because the only guy on my mind was Daniel. I thought i was over Eli . . . I was so wrong. After i accepted the request he sent me a message and we started talking and i missed him so much. We've been texting for the past couple days and hes been flirting and all my friends are saying its obvious he really likes me. I'm starting to have strong feelings for him again but im so torn.

Do i pick Daniel? My best friend and risk losing him if the relationship doesn't work out?
Do i pick Eli? My jr high crush who i still have such strong feelings for?


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