Hey guys......

Chapter 1

Sorry bout the delay

Ok...... I guess my "ya, uh..." story turned out not to be true. But that's ok. I'll try my best with this one.

First of all, to get this out of the way, my random quiz series is over. Don't ask for another, it's not comin, 45 percent of the people who read it were haters anyway (haters gun hate.)

Secondly, Tricoss. I love how it's turning out. I'm gunna keep it going, and, with most of my ideas from my cousin, I think it will turn out great. He gave me a lot of info on it, so I think i have a basic idea of what the next couple of chapters will look like. I'm working on it as much as possible. I'll try to get three chapters in before school starts.

Now, Ace's adventures. I like the current one much better than the old one. I will keep this one alive. It's turning out nicely, and I have ideas for the next couple of chapters.

Oh yeah, I've been getting comments such as "are you really 50?" "your creepy if you're actually 50..." Im not. Im 13. I thought you had to be 18 to join, so I put in a random birth date.

Finally, my story with you guys. Just a couple more people have to take the quiz and I'll be all set to make it.

Thanks if you took some time to read this, and I'm looking forward to posting.



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