Chocolate Covered Strawberries!


Chapter 1


by: Carrie_
Hey guys! I made chocolate covered strawberries today! It was really good! I wish you could eat some! But there's still some more in the fridge! :D YAY! I took some pictures in the process and if you want, you could look at them in my photo album! Some of the pictures may be blurry but you could blame that on my sister. >:) Oh and some may not look good either cause it was the first time we made them! :)

Le pictures: - LOLL XD page=10&per_page=9 -Its a little blurry.... -Blurry too! :( -I made this one! Isn't it perfect? lol JK

Oh and there was a lot of chocolate left in the bowl and I took the spoon and started eating the chocolate! :DD It was SOO GOOD!!


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