The 83rd Annual Hunger Games

okay, so this is after the rebellion, which, in my stories, FAILED! BWAHAHA!

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AWESOME THINGY: this is from the point of view of three people: Sapphire, Irene, and Claire. One of them will win. Who will it be?

Chapter 1

The Reaping

"Sapphire, you've got to learn how to be quiet while you throw the knives."

Sapphire Ice, an eighteen year old female District 2 Career, sighs. "I know, dad." Sapphire didn't get as much pleasure from training for the games then most of the other Careers. She suddenly whips out a small, slender ebony throwing knife and skillfully throws it at her dad, who grunts as he dodges it by an inch. "well done." he praises. Sapphire nods, smoothing her shirt along her curves. Her dad, Ferdihj Ice, had been a victor 21 years ago, when he was 17, so he knew how to dodge blows. "You'll be ready for the games, y'know, if your chosen." he comments. Sapphire tips her fair-skinned head, listening to the Reaping bells. "speaking of the games, it looks like the Reaping's about to start."

Idlai Fana, the 'reaper' walks like a constipated supermodel, swaying her dark-skinned, white-skirted hips up to the reaping bowls. "Hello!" she says, smiling brightly. nobody answers her. "well, quiet crowd today, are we not?" she says, chuckling at her own joke. "lets get started then, shall we?" she reaches into the bowl with the boys names, and quickly pulls out a piece of paper, making her long, pink bead-clad hair click. "Harvet Leach." she says in her sing-songy voice. a boy with shaggy black hair stands up right away, and dashes onto the stage, clearly happy to be able to be in the games. he laughs in triumph. Idlai rests her slender dark brown hand on Harvet's shoulder to make him calm down.
she places free hand into the girl bowl, and pulls out a peice of paper. "Sapphire Ice." she says. Ferdhij laughs in triumph, not at all concerned for his daughter. Sapphire could swear he heard him say to Harvet's dad, a baker, 'your sons going to die!'
Sapphire walks over to Idlai and Harvet at a normal pace. Harvet looks over Sapphire, from her slender feet all the way up to her perfect face and long, wavy, pale-blonde hair. he looks again at her chest for a moment, and smiles. Sapphire shoots him a 'look at my chest again and you die.' look. Harvet just smiles again, and mouths 'allies?'. Sapphire almost laughs, but just mouths back 'ha! over my dead body!'. Harvet give her an evil look, Sapphire shrugs. "well, it's off to the Capitol!" Idlai says cheerfully, and steers them away. 'it's off to the capitol we go.' Sapphire sighs to herself, and they board the train and get ready to go to the Captiol.

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