Poems. Express your feelings

Poems. Express your feelings

Wanna express your feelings write a poem or story.

Chapter 1

Questions lead to answers

me.= girl
One of My friend=Boy

Girl: Why do you care about me?
Boy: Because i do.
Girl: I'm not the most prettiest girl
Boy:You don't need to be. Your you
Girl: I'm not the smartest
Boy: If you were I woun't have a chance with being your friend
Girl: I'm not the strongest
Boy: if you were I won't be able to have an excuse to hang out with you
Girl: I'm not the most politest girl
Boy:I'm glad your not.
Girl: I'm not perfect
Boy: I know that.
Girl: They why do you still talk to me?
Boy: you only focused on the bad things. Your not pretty,your beatiful. Your not the smartest because your still learning.Your not the strongest but your strong enough to protect yourself. If you were the politest you wouldn't talk to me.Your perfectly you. You should change for others. Be your self and be loved for that reason. hugs the girl
Girl: smiles Thanks for being there for me

this is for every girl, in the world. This was a real conversation between me and some of my guy friends. every girl is perfect in there own way.

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