Dransy At The Yule Ball

I originally wrote this story on Facebook but then I decided to share it with my Quibblo Family! It is about Draco and Pansy! It is a work in progress. Check out my page on Facebook where I first started creating my story!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Part 1 ~ Year 4
Pansy closed up her potions book and packed her bag. Up next was Herbology, not exciting.
"Good job, Malfoy. As always." Pansy overheard Snape tell Draco Malfoy. Draco had to be Professor Snape's favorite student, even though Pansy was just as good as Malfoy, even better, at potions.
"Thanks, Professor." Malfoy replied.
Pansy sighed, disgust. Malfoy was such a suck up. Even more so than that Gryffindor, Hermione Granger.
Pansy grabbed her bag and started to head out to her next class.
"Hey! Parkingson!" Came the unpleasant voice of Malfoy. Even though Pansy was a Slytherin, that doesn't mean that she can't hate fellow Slytherins and be nicer to others.
She turner around quickly and spat, "What Malfoy!?"
What Pansy saw made her feel really guilty.
"Um.. Uh.. I. Got these. For. You." Malfoy stuttered. He was holding a rose. But there was a bit of magic added to it because it was shimmering green.
Pansy blushed a bright red. All the hate inside of her just flew away.
"Do you like them?" Draco gulped. Pansy could tell that Draco was scared of refusal.
"Do I like them? I love them!" Pansy exclaimed. And it was true. The rose was beautiful. Malfoy handed it to her and she took them.
"So. I was wondering. Do you want to go to the Yule Ball with me?" Draco asked.
"Yes. I would love to." Pansy said before she could think.
Draco tried to hide a small sigh but then quickly said, "I think we should get to Herbology. Care to walk with me?"
All Pansy could do was nod her head. Like before, all her hate for not being the Head of House favorite just disappeared. It was never Draco's fault. But at the same time everything seemed to be falling into place in Pansy's life.
Part 2 ~ Year 4
"YOU SELFISH LITTLE GIT! GIVE THAT BACK!" Pansy yelled at Seamus Finnigan, a Gryffindor.
"Come on Parkinson. Settle down." Seamus replied in his Scottish accent. He smirked.
Pansy reached for the bag that Seamus was holding above her head. It was too high.
"Don't. Make. Me. Take. Out. My. Wand." Pansy spat.
"Ooh. So scary. What, are you gonna make my nose bleed?" Seamus taunted.
"Oi! Finnigan!" Came a voice. The crowd quickly parted and out walked a tall blonde boy.
Pansy blushed when she saw Draco. Was he actually protecting her? Or was this..... Nevermind.. Seamus's expression dropped and he lowered his hand a little. Pansy immediatly jumped up and grabbed her bag. She checked through it and made sure that everything was there.
"Come on, Seamus. It's time to get to Divinatioin." Dean Thomas, another Gryffindor, ran up to Seamus's side and told him.
"Kay Dean, lets go." said Seamus, relieved to have a way out of this. The two friends walked down the hall and made a right into another corridor.
Pansy pulled her bag over her shoulders and turned around toward Draco. He was smiling at her and he had another green shimmering rose.
"Hey." Pansy said. She was also smiling and she felt really happy. "Thanks back there."
"No problem. Hey, do you want to meet me at the Three Broomsticks on Saturday?" Draco asked.
Pansy smiled a wide smile and said "Yes" and Draco handed her the second rose. It smelled like a rose, but with a hint of lavender.
"Then it's a date." Draco said.
Part 3 ~ Year 4
It was Saturday and all the Slytherin girls would be heading out to Hogsmeade to buy their dresses for the Yule Ball. Pansy went with Millicent, Tracy, and Daphne.
As soon as they entered the dress shop everyone shot off in different directions. Millicent and Tracy (being big and all) went to the left. But Pansy and Daphne veered to the right to lookat all the slim dresses. They looked at a ton of dresses and could not find their perfect match. Daphne pointed out several black dresses that might be appealing to Pansy, but nothing stuck out.
"So, Pansy." Daphne said, trying to stick up some conversation. "Has anyone asked you to the Yule Ball yet?"
"Um. Are you sure you want to know?" Pansy said, then bit her lower lip. She had not told anyone about her and Draco and Pansy wasn't sure how her best friend would react. Pansy had always told her friends that Draco was a brainless bloke. But now her sudden change of heart might, well....
"Of course I want to know silly? Are you afriad to tell me that no one has asked you yet? Because I can hook you up with Blaise or someone?" Daphne quickly said.
"Daphne! I have a date." Pansy replied. The thought of going to the Yule Ball with Blaise made her shiver.
"I'm just kidding. Of course you have a date. You have got to be the prettiest girl in our whole year! So, who is it?"
Pansy bit her lip again, wondering what to say. "I-I'm going with, uh. Malfoy." Pansy whispered the last part, hoping that Daphne would not hear.
Apparently Pansy had not whispered quiet enough because Daphne said, "You're what! Malfoy! But you said-"
"Geez Daphne, are you gonna let the whole bloody word know! Be quiet! I haven't told anyone but you." Pansy interupted.
"Okay," Daphne said in a lower voice, "But you always say that Malfoy is an idiot and a git!" Daphne said.
Pansy gave her the "I know, I know." look.
"Can we just drop the subject until we are done shopping. I really need a new dress." Pansy complained.
"Okay fine. But we talk after this."
"Actually I can't."
"What? Talk about you and Draco?" Daphne asked.
"No, no. I have to get to the Three Broomsticks after this." Pansy explained.
"Fine, I'll come with you."
"I need to go there, alone."
Daphne eyed Pansy then said, "Now I get it. Can we get back to shopping?"
"Thank you." Pansy sighed.
Part 4 ~ Year 4
"Ooh. Pansy. That dress looks fabulous on you! I really love the ruffles!" Exclaimed Tracy.
Pansy looked in the mirror again. Her dress was silver and black. It was strapless and went down to her knee. The beads were royal style and it was heart shaped at the top. The bottom was ruffled and pull up design.
"I love it too." Pansy said.
"Your date is going to love it!" Daphne exclaimed.
"Oh yeah! Who are you going with?" Millicent asked.
Pansy shot Daphne a murderous look.
"It's a suprise." Pansy said and she grinned. "Now. About shoes. Can you guys help me fine the perfect pair of heels? Maybe two inches, or is that too much?" At least two inches would make her an inch shorter than Draco.
"No Pansy, it's perfect. I'll go look." Daphne said. The peppy blonde raced off toward the shoe isle with Pansy in persuit.
Daphne immediatly picked up a pair of two inch heels that were black. They had straps like Gladiators and an open toe.
"Perfect." Pansy thanked.
Everyone bought their stuff and headed in different directions in Hogsmeade. "See you guys back at the Castle." Pansy said as she headed to the Three Broomstick. She made a quick stop at a storage place where all the students put their stuff while walking around Hogsmeade, then return to bring it to the castle.
Pansy tried to contain her excitment as she neared the Three Broomsticks. She was nearly skipping with joy.
"Hey Pansy. Over here!"
Pansy turned around and Draco sitting at an empty table. He had two Butterbeers sitting on the table, one in front of him and the other across the table.
Pansy walked up and sat in the chair. Her first date had started.
Part 5 ~ Year 4
Pansy's and Draco's date went fine. At first they didn't know what to talk about so Draco mentioned something about how Potter probably cheated to get into the Tournament. How Draco was just as good as Potter.
"I bet you could. But then if you were in the tournament, you wouldn't be here with me." Pansy said.
Draco smiled. "You know how to make a guy happy." Pansy became so happy when he heard that.
"Thanks." Pansy replied.
There was another silence as Pansy sipped her Butterbeer.
"Oh yeah, and thanks for the Butterbeers. I just bought my Yule Ball outfit so I'm out of Galleons." Pansy said.
Of course Pansy had let slip that she had already bought her Yule Ball outfit. She knew that it would kind of tease Draco that Pansy actually liked him. Just to make up for all those years of being mean and ignoring him.
"I bet you'll look dashing in it." Draco said, which made Pansy grin.
She drained the last two gulps her Butterbeer then sighed with content.
The two talked for another thirty minutes, switching from the Yule Ball, to the Tournament, then to some other random topic. And the whole time Draco complimented Pansy and made her feel special.
It finally came around that it was time to go back to the castle.
"Thanks again for the Butterbeer. I really appreciated it." Pansy said to Draco.
"You're welcome, and thanks for coming." Draco replied.
Pansy and Draco shared a thoughtful gaze into each other's eyes, then they walked away.
Pansy stopped at the storge place and picked up her dress and heels, met back up with the girls, and walked back to the castle.


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