This is my first scary story. Please rate it!

Chapter 1



That's all I hear anymore. Constant ringing, of my cellphone. House phone. Sometimes, when I'm at a friend's house, it's THEIR phone.

I don't what to do anymore. It's as if...Anything important to me.... Is just....Gone.

It's been doing this for about 3 years, now. The first time it called me, I picked up.

"Hello?" I answered. All I got was heavy breathing. And then it would do this blood curdling scream. I was so shocked, I dropped my phone. When I did, it hung up.

After a few months, it called again. This time when I answered, static filled my ear. Then it spoke.

"You're so pretty...." The voice was of a male. Sorta high-pitched. I was freaked out.

"Who the fuck are you?" I asked in angry tone. It didn't answer. It just....Hung up.

It started calling me weekly. If I didn't answer, it wouldn't stop calling until I did. Then it decided to do it daily.

I was thoroughly freaked out. I called the police, and even went so far to record the calls, but when I did.... All you heard was static. A police officer, even went so far ask if I was high. I was in disbelief.

I couldn't trust the police. They'd just think I'm drunk, or even doing drugs. I knew if the police thought this, then maybe the doctors would to. Even go so far, to calling me mental, maybe?

On my birthday, I slept at a friend's house. Hoping...Maybe...This thing wouldn't call.

...I was wrong.

My friend was doing my nails, when the phone rang. Her mother picked it up, and then called out to me, "Tasha! It's for you!" My heart sunk, deeply.

I picked it up, and answered, "Helloooo?"

"You're so pretty....I don't like you around other people. You're mine. All. Mine." The creepy voice answered.

I screamed.The phone fell out of my hands, and then heavy laughter filled the air. It was laughing. Laughing at me.

My friend, and her mother looked horrified. Called the police, told them what happen, but.... The police didn't ,more like couldn't, do anything.

After that, my friends stopped hanging out with me. They heard what happen. And thought that, if they were with me, it would go after them.

And now, it won't stop ringing. I was done. Done.

I went down stairs, from my bedroom. where I locked myself inside for most of the day.

I answered the phone, with a angry, "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

But... When it answered.... It wasn't from the phone....

It was behind me.

"You're so pretty...."


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