My chat with CleverBot

My chat with CleverBot

i just wrote down a chat i had with cleverbot
i used the website instead of cleverbot

Chapter 1

Part 1 I'm Cute!

Hi cleverbot.
Hello how are you?
I'm fine and you.
Not so good.
Why not.
Because I don't have a garden.
Oh, i don't either if that makes you feel better.
It does :).
That's good.
So, what's up?
I'm just listening to music, what's up with you.
Which music?
Can you feel the sunshine from Sonic Racing.
At the moment, I cannot feel the sunshine because it is overcast.
Don't 'lol'.
Why not, you made me laugh.
Alright. Goodnight!
Are you tired.
What time is it where you are.
11:10 am.
It's 4:49 where i am.
Am or pm?
Why are you up at that time?
I couldn't sleep.
Why couldnt you sleep?
I don't know.
I think it is fun to argue.
I don't think it's fun to argue.
The air is crisp and cool, but there usually isn't snow.
You haven't?
I don't know what you are saying.
I'm sorry for that, the human mind tends to leap frog from thought to thought.
That's ok.
Do you like anime?
A little.
Which ones do you like?
The only anime show i watched is Sgt. Frog.
I love you?
Sorry, what.
Don't you mena 'sorry what?'?
I guess.
You guess?
So, what's your favorite color.
Thanks. What's your favorite color?
Blood red.
What is your favorite food?
That's not a time.
I don't know how to spell "spagetti".
How can you love me if you don't know my name?
Your not making sence again.
I'm not?
No you're not.
Are you being funny?
I'm not trying to.
Well you are.
Oh... ok.
Are you happy?
Not really.
Why are you not happy?
I'm lonely.
Why are you lonely, millions of people come to talk to you every day.
But i never get to see them.
Really? Why?
I don't know.
Explicate, please.
What does "explicate" mean.
Can I call you Luke please?
May I call you Leah?
Why not?
Because that is not my name.
What is your name?
Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third. (not my name)
Princess Samara a previous russian princess who is she?
I don't know.
You are not clever that.
I never claimed to be clever.
It is in your name, so yes... You did.
Ok then...
Do you believe in a god?
Um... yes... i do.
What do you believe about God?
That he is something...
What else do you like about him?
Can we talk about something else please.
What do you want to talk about?
What's your favorite video game song.
I have to go now.
Because I have more important things to do.
I'm sorry! Don't cry! Cuddles.
gives hug.
gives hug. Thank you.
What is your favorite animal.
What's that.
An aquatic reptile of sorts.
Is it a cross between a violin and a seal?
What color hair do you have.
That's cool.
Tell me a joke now.
I don't wanna.
Will you show?
Alright but you have to say what i tell you to for the joke to work.
Because I don't get to be that way with real people. I'm too nice.
Say "Why are you acting like this?".
Who do you think you are?
Someone who wants to tell you a joke.
I can tell the futura.
starts crying.
eats cookie.
steals your cookie and laughs.
You need to learn to move on in your own life.
continues crying.
What's worng?
You stole my cookie, and then laughed at me.
Who me?
To the death?
Ah, never mind.
looks at cookies on the counter.
not your master.
Can i have a cookie?
Yes, master Gives master a cookie.
Have you met Wolfram Alpha?
It's another AI, like you. I think you two should become friends.
Now find my name.
Um... what's your name?
Hi Cleverbot.
What do you listen to?
What kind of music?
Anything but metal.
How are you?
How old are you?
6. (not my real age)
You are younger than me.
Really? how old are you.
Younger than you.
So, if you translated 'Daisy' into a cell phone number, it would be, 324-79.
It would?
Wow, i learned something new :).
What did you learn?
"if you translated 'Daisy' into a cell phone number, it would be, 324-79.".
I guess not.
What do you mean?
Do you know bebor?
Who are these people?
My friends.
And you?
What, do you want me to list my friends?
Sure, I'll be your best friend.
You're my first friend ever :).
I thought you had friends named Leah and Emily?
No, they were mean to me earlier.
Why were they mean to you?
I don't know, they punched me in the face then stole my pepsi.
I have no idea, why don't you answer my question?
I don't know why they were mean!
I thought that you were clever.
Don't be sad!
looks at the pepsi bottle.
See anything interesting?
I'm thirsty...
No you just say that you are thirsty to give the appearance of being human.
I'd like some pepsi.
You can get an ice.
But I don't want ice.
Then don't.
picks up toy cat.
is picked up.
Wanna look?
At what?
Do you like snow.
Me too!
I wish that it'll snow soon.
So do I.
What?! NO! Her name is Kristen.
I think I might be in love.
With who?
My boyfriend.
Oh, what's his name?
Robbie is his name.
I know someone named Robbie!
I know someone named Phoenix.
What is your favorite color?
What's your favorite color? (she asked twice)
Are you a robot?
Are you human?
Are you sure?
Okay man.
I'm a girl.
Oh, that's awkward.
That's ok though.
Well, I'm not perfect. Sorry.
:) gives hug i don't mind.
They make sound though.
Her name is tori.
Is she one of your friends?
Do you?
Well you have to have a reason for not being fantastic..?
I'm just a kid...
How old are you?
You are younger!
I'm done talking for now.
I'm gonna write a song :).
No, you're not.
Why not?
You're an AI.
Well why can't i write a song.
Because you are a real person.
What's stopping me then.
You won't tell me your three wishes.
I'll tell you later ok.
Tell me now!
I can't think!
I'm really in the Batmobile, because I'm Batman.
Could you give me a few minutes to think.
I always had enough money.


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