The Princess.

The Princess.

What if a princess moves to Republic City? She hates the fact that she's royalty so she conceals the secret to herself. Bolin falls for her, but when her secret is revealed.. Will he be able to trust her again? -BolinLoveStory-

Chapter 1

Royalty at Republican City.

"I don't want to be here.." I complain, crossing my arms. "Sumi, Please.. You know what's going on back in your Country, we must ensure your safety." He whispers, keeping his voice low. "Whatever." I reply, sulking up the stairs to my bedroom. There was a click of a door handle from outside.

He had locked me in. "What was that for?!" I screech, throwing myself onto the bed."You're a sneaky one, Sumi.. This is for your own good. I'll let you out when the sun rises.""This isn't fair!" I shoot back, but he doesn't bother to reply. Crossing my legs, I pull myself off the thin mattress.

Walking over to my wardrobe and pulling the silk dress off, slipping on something more loose. Checking myself in the mirror, I trailed up my baggy sweats and short tanktop. It was a lilac color, matching my eyes perfectly. Grabbing the elestic from my wrist, pulling my light blond hair into a high bun.I went to lift my window, but it had been bolted from the inside.

A smile spread across my face as I pointed my finger towards it, shooting fire straight from the tip. It burnt the hinge, allowing me to slide it open quickly. I crawled out, closing it securly.Making sure no one was watching, I jumped off of the roof. Doing a barrel roll, I straightened my back, landing on my feet. "Nice one,Sumi." I whispered to myself, brushing the dirt off my pants. Putting my hands behind my back, I began to walk down the dirt path.People looked at me, like I was fresh meat.

The thugs probably plotting to ambush me or something. But so far, no one messed with me. Maybe I had that 'look', a girl you just wouldn't mess with.I close my eyes, tilting my head back and whistiling. My nose was stuck in the air, but my guard was up. Suddenly, someone ran directly into me. My eyes snap open as I'm falling backward onto the dirt. I hit the ground, looking up to the person who knocked into me, they were gonna get a mouth full.

"Hey! Watch it!" I scream, standing up quickly and grabbing him by the collar. "Bolin?" A voice calls, I look away from his green eyes to see someone standing behind him. "Mako!" He calls, shifting awkwardly in my hands."Let go of him!" The person named,'Mako' calls, protecting this clumsy brat. I connect gazes with him once more, looking straight into his emerald orbs. A blush spreads across his face as I let him down on his feet.

"S-Sorry.." He says, tilting his head to me.There was a light buzz of gossip spreading around the city, I focoused on it. "Did you hear the princess is moving to republic city? I wonder if she's here now!" and something like "Where do you think she is?!" The boys exchange glances, their eyes glistening."A princess?! I hope she's hot!" I scoff slightly, taking this as a chance to slip out of the scene. I sprint back to the house, images of that boy..

His name was.. Bolin.. Yeah, that was it, flashing through my mind.Grabbing onto the roof pannel, I pulled myself up, entering through the window.I was exausted from that long joruney we had today, plus all of this running.. I quickly slipped into a sleep.

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