The 70th Hunger Games- A fanfic(pre-story prep)

Hey everyone, I wanted to create a Hunger Games Fanfiction, so, er, here it is :) enjoy :D
(Note this isn't the actual fanfic YET I need characters first, obviously, so, I've made changes, and please, read all of the chapters before submitting characters)

Chapter 1

Characters Needed!!

by: Hopey_xD
So, for this, I'm obviously going to need characters..I need 23 tributes, seeing as I already have mine. So girls, please leave district 4 out of yours, unless you'd like your tribute to be a dude.. Anyways, fill out the 'form' below in the comments, or message me, and I'll pick the ones I like best..Thank you, and Happy Hunger Games.

Please fill out the following:
Weapon of Choice:
Career or normal Tribute:
Are you open to romance?:
Open to allies? If so, which district(s)?:
Volunteer to die in the bloodbath(these are very important, believe me):
Did you get reaped or did you volunteer?:
(please fill in everything..if you don't, I'll send the mutts..just kidding, but really, do fill in everything)
Also, please look at earlier comments so I don't have to go through duplicates of districts and stuff?

My Character:(also an example of what your application should look like)
-Rhiannon Michaels
-District 4
-Waist-length curly dark brown hair, green/gold eyes, pale skin dusted with freckles, average build for 4(kinda muscular, tallish)
-Looks weak, and pretends to be, but is actually quite violent and tough, when she needs to be. Falls in love easily, and it could be her downfall in the games.
-Trident, knives, spear. (she's versatile, anything she can get her hands on will do)
-Normal Tribute
-Her older brother, David, died in the 65th Hunger Games. She hasn't fully recovered from his death. Her younger sister, Leila, is in her first reaping the year of the 70th Games.
-Open to romance
-Open to allies, particularly from 4, 11, and 12
-She would die in the bloodbath, but she's kind of an important, er, no..D:
-She volunteered for her 12 year old sister, as she didn't want to watch her little sister die as her brother had.

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