I'm Fighting For My Life.


P.S. This is my first group story.

Chapter 3

Rick Sand

"Get up Rick." my mother's gentle voice shakes me awake. "It's time for the reaping. Get dressed. You slept in and the reapings almost starting." I get up and undress. I pick up the white collered shirt that most boys wear during the reaping and a pair of pants.

I hear a dark voice. "Ricky." it is my oldest brother. It is obvious because he always calls me Ricky. "Ricky, this time your brother and I won't be there to volunteer if you get picked. Just..." he hesitates, choosing his words carefully, "be careful."

I scowl at him, "If you were both still eighteen, you'd probably still won't volunteer if I got reaped, Peter. You and Dan have never really been there for me."

A pang of sorrow hits Peter. "I'm sorry if you think that. I never was a good big brother."

I suddenly regret what I say. "No. It's okay. I just don't want to get reaped."

Peter nods his head. "If I were eighteen instead of twenty, I will volunteer for you."

I start to say something, but I'm interupted. "C'mon boys. Your father and I are taking you to the town square for the District 7 reaping. We'll eat breakfast if we come back." If. Hawk, our pet bird gives us a sqwak probably meanig bye.

I'm the only one that has to get my blood test thing in my family, so I walk toward them alone and outstrech my hand. "Bzzt" it pinches, but I'm used to it.

Everyone gathers around the square. "Welcome, welcome to the 99th anual Hunger Games!" booms a familiar voice, Fiona District 7's esc0rt. "Now lets watch the rebellion clip. Shall we?"

The video is on and everyone but the capitol citizens and Peacekeepers have there head down. Once the terrible video of the "Dark Days" ends, Fiona does the usual. "Ladies First as always!" Her long, claw-like fingers grope around the bowl untill she finally picks the one she wants. "Nora Star!" my heart immediatly skips a beat. I've always had a crush on her and I couldn't bear to see her die. A pretty girl with jet black hair and an unusual, but beautiful shade of blue eys walks onto the stage. Her face is blank and not a word slips through her lips. "Alright! Now for the boys!" Once again, her hands reach in and pull out a piece of paper. My heart thumps louder and louder at each passing second. Who will be the unlucky victim. I squeeze my eyes shut. Here it comes...

"Rick Sand!" I stand there like I'm in a trance and just stare at the stage. Fiona beckons me to come forward. I start to look around frantically praying someone will volunteer. The Peacekeepers esc0rt me to the stage and the crowd is silent. Another familiar voice shouts out from the crowd. I'm overjoyed untill I realize who is going to volunteer. "I volunteer!" Peter pushes people out of the way. A Peacekeeper heads toward Peter. "Let go of me!"

"I'm sorry. Your too old to compete or volunteer."

"No. Please. Rick!'

"Peter," I whisper, "No."

A voice breaks my thoughts. "You two have to shake hands." both of us just stare. "C'mon" I finally grasp her warm hands and shake.

She still stares at me. "Rick? Is that you?"

My stomach does a flip. I never got my breakfast.

Nora Star: http://www.quibblo.com/user/lkblack36/photoalbum/1978707?page=11&per_page=9

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