I'm Fighting For My Life.


P.S. This is my first group story.

Chapter 4


I grinned as I watched a guy step out of his room,only wearing a towel.
"You know,I can see you..." I froze at the sound of his voice and blushed as he turned around. The drops of water glistened on his chest and his teeth flashed white as he opened his mouth.
"Well you could at least tell me your name if you're going to stare." I stuttered for a moment and gained control in the next.
"Rocky Sanders. A-At your service." He smiled his pearly grin and nodded.
"Nate Thorne. You know,didn't you have an older brother in last years games?" I swallowed and nodded.
"And didn't you have an older sister who won?" He smirked and nodded before it fell.
"Sorry..." I nodded and bit my lip as I continued to stare at him from underneath my lashes. His skin was slightly tan,slightly pale. Might have been because he worked with metal,in the sun. I shook my head and took a breath.
"Would you mind if I got dressed real quick and then maybe we could continue this conversation?" I shook my head.
"G-go ahead." He smiled and disappeared back into the room he'd appeared from.
Understand my details now of Nate? He's up there by the way.

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