I'm Fighting For My Life.


P.S. This is my first group story.

Chapter 5

Rick Sand

Fiona motions us to follow her into the train. "Come on kids. Lets go!" Her golden lips shined in the sun. I shuffle my feet toward her and stepped onto the train. I hurry to get away from the crowd and... N-Nora. Unfortunatley, I'm too late.

Someone grabs my shoulders. "R-Rick?" my face turns bright red and I pull away from her, running in the process. "Rick! Wait!",

I crouch under the bed and don't realize who's room I'm in untill I see a sigh that says Nora...

"Rick! Rick!" I squint my eyes shut and cover my ears as I no longer want to hear the continuous chant of my name. "I found you!"

My eyes open wide. "Ahhh! Ouch!" I bump my head as I try to crawl out. "No. S-sorry Nora!"

Nora looks at me with a questioning look. "Huh?"

I forgot she never knew about the accident. "Oh nothing. I was just... playing."

The accident. Nora's dad died because of me. Me. Mr. Star died in a fire I accidently started. I replayed the flashback in my head. I was five and someone broke into our house. I panicked and accidently dropped a candle. I was the only one home except me because the burgalur fled. I was surronded by towering flames and I bawled for someone to help me. Mr. Aidan Star, the best lumber jack in the district, smelled the smoke and he knew that smell. He rushed to my family's household and barged in through the door. He saved me by grabbing me out of the house. Bad news was we were trapped. There was a small hole in between two chairs. The hole was just my size and it was possible for me to squeeze through. Mr. Star hauled me toward the whole and threw me to the other side where I landed on the soft grass. Carrying and auling wood must have made him strong. Firetrucks were already here, but there was no hope. Mr. Star, the hero who saved me and the father of my crush, died by the flames. That day, I vowed to be brave, put others before me and risk my life for Nora.

"Kids! Time to meet your mentors!"

I stumble into the lounge still embaressed with Nora. "I'm Daryan" says a deep voice. "I'm your mentor." he outstretches his hand.

I shake his firm hand. "I-I'm Rick Sand."

"And I'm Nora Star."

"Why are you nervous Rick? I'm only your mentor." he claps his hand on my back.

"Don't forget me says a raspy voice. An elderly man stepped out of the shadows. "Son, you forgot me. Again."

"Oh. Sorry Pa. Rick, Nora here's the second mentor, my dad Samuel Smith."

"Nice to meet you two." His skrawny hands grasp mine. "Hello. I'm your mentor. My son is your girlfriend's"

My face turns bright red again. "S-she's not my girlfriend."

"You like her right?" he whispers.


"Your secrets safe with me" he winks and makes a hand gesture like he's zipping his mouth.

"I picked you for a reason Rick. A good reason."

Samuel Smith: http://www.quibblo.com/user/lkblack36/photoalbum/1978767?page=11&per_page=9

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