One Direction One Shots!...(Read Intro)

So, I would post some up! This are just ideas that come to head and I wrote down, If you like some enough and want them turned into a story tell me and I will think about...but mostly likely they would be:))
So, some would be short and others long, comment if you like them:))
Okay, so, I hope you like them!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Niall Horan

I was awaken by Liam's cry, he's been like this since his daddy left on tour. He is so attached to his dad that every night Niall has to Skype s, so he can sing baby Liam to sleep.
I slowly stood up and slipped into my slippers. Rubbing my eyes I walked through the so familiar halls of our home. This house was built especially for us, Niall wanted everything to be perfect. I told him that just being with him was perfect, but he insisted.
"What's wrong baby Liam?,"I asked as I walked into his and turned on the light. He was standing up in his crib with tears in his eyes.
Baby Liam is one year old, he has my brown curly hair and nose, his lips, chin, and beautiful eyes he got from his father. Niall decided to name him after his best friend, and band mate, Liam James Payne. Liam was thrilled of course, not only because of that, but because he and Danielle are the Godparents of baby Liam.
Baby Liam is a nickname the boys picked out for him. They said it was too confusing having two Liam's, so, baby Liam's nickname was born.
"Dada,"he cried out.
"I know sweetie, I miss him too,"I said as I bent over to carry him,"But he will be back any day now."
"Dada,"he cried out again.
"How about I sing you a song.... More Than This?, "I asked him, knowing it was his favorite song.
He simply put his head over my chest, which meant yes.
"I'm broken, do you hear me?...,"I sang, and while I did memories came to mind. The night Niall and I met by accident, our first date, our first kiss, when he asked me to marry him, our wedding, when I got pregnant, when we found out it was a boy, and Niall's amazing smile and laugh.
"...It just don't feel right, 'cause I can love you more than this, can love you more than this,"I sang as I played with his curly hair. I was about to sing the next verse, but I was cut off by an amazing voice.
"If I'm louder would see me..,"Niall stood in the door singing his part. I felt tears of joy come to my eyes, and baby Liam's head shot up in a second. He got the biggest smile on his face.
"Dada!,"baby Liam exclaimed with happiness as he asked his father to carry him when Niall finished singing. Niall quickly came and took baby Liam from my arms.
"I've missed you,"he said hugging him tight, I quietly walked out of the room letting them be alone.
I felt my throat get dry so I went downstairs to fetch some water. I got a water bottle from the the fridge. I threw it away once I was done. I turned to leave, but was surprised by a pair of strong arms being wrapped around my waist, and some honey sweet lips being crashed into mine. I quickly responded and wrapped my arms around his neck.
"I finally got baby Liam to go to sleep,"Niall whispered as he rested his forehead on mine.
"He really did miss you,"I replied, my eyes were still closed.
"I've missed you so much, Liz,"he replied by holding me even tighter.
"I doubt you missed me as much as I missed you,"I replied with a playful smirk as I opened my eyes to see him smiling.
"Oh yeah, wanna bet?,"he asked carrying me from my waist.
"You're are so on,"I replied wrapping my legs around his waist.
He crashed his lips onto mine again and carried me upstairs without breaking the kiss. I broke the kiss to see we were in our room.
"I think is time to work on baby Lizette,"he said with a cute smirk.
"Niall!,"I laughed as i playfully punched him, but then got a bit serious,"I think you're right though, baby Liam needs someone to keep him company."
"Yes, for baby Liam,"he replied rolling his eyes, knowing it was not true. He kissed me again and dropped on the bed, falling on top of me.

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