I'm Taking One Shot Requests!!!!

Chapter 1


Hey guys!!!

Well, since I don't want to suffer from horrible writers block again(I seriously think my writing has gotten demoted because of it) I'm taking one shot requests!

If you don't know what a one shot is, here's the definition.

Writing about a character, place or thing that has been done on a spur of the moment of a fandom or orginal peice. Usually is to short for a short story consisting of only one chapter. [credit to Urban Dictionary]

If you still have any questions about what a one shot is, then just ask me in a comment or message me. I'll reply ASAP.



1. One one shot per person(I'm willing to do a two shot, meaning there might be a part 2 of your one shot. It's optional though.)

2. If you want a second part to it, wait until your one shot is out and then decide. Some things might just be better left alone.

3. Please don't message me every day asking when your one shot will be posted. I do have a life outside of Quibblo.

4. I will not do OC's/Original Characters. I'm sorry, but I'm only sticking to reader inserts.

5. You don't have to pick any of the quotes I made, but I would love you forever if you did :3 It would also help me get some inspiration if you did. And one quote per person!

6. Pairings are also do-able. (ex. SasuSaku, Dramione, etc.)


Oh no he didn't!

I know what we're gonna do today.

You look good when you smile. Taken by lol_girl1

Why did you leave me here?

I hope you remember all the good times we had.

I missed you.

Lets start over.

Kissing in the rain. Taken by Kiernan321

Take care of me.

Why did you leave me?

You forgot something!

It's a date.

Fancy dining.

First kiss.

Let's bake a cake!

Cry me a river.

Happy birthday!

You're special to me.

Sweet dreams.

You know you love me.

It's hard to get over you when you weren't even mine. Taken by bigfootliver321

Fandoms(shows&movies to pick from)

Avatar: The Last Airbender



Deadman Wonderland

Death Note


Harry Potter

If you have a suggestion, just message me about it. I may have left some out.



Genre(romance, angst, etc.):
Any additional detail:

I hope you all take part in this :DD Comment below to request!!

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