Those Three Little Words

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Haylee are entering their fourth year at Hogwarts. Haylee has always liked Ron, but she has never had the guts to tell him.

Will this be the year where everything changes?

Chapter 1

Platform 9 3/4

Hermione and I were waiting at Platform 9 3/4 to board the Hogwarts Express. We didn't want to go and find a compartment until Harry and Ron were here. I kept checking my watch anxiously. They weren't normally this late.

"There they are!" Hermione told me.

I looked in the direction of Hermione's pointed finger and saw Harry and Ron pushing through the crowd to reach us. I ran up to give each of them a hug.

"What took so long?" I asked.

"Fred and George pranks, like usual.' Ron said.

I smiled. I wasn't even going to ask. Fred and George pulling pranks was nothing new. We quickly jumped on the train and found a compartment to ourselves. There was no conversation. Harry was first to break the silence.

"So how was your summer, Haylee?" He asked me.

"It was O.K," I replied. My summers were nothing special.

"Only O.K?" Ron questioned.

"Well, it wasn't the best." I personally think I liked going to Hogwarts better than being at home.

Hermione glanced up at me. She was the only person that knew my secret.

"Aw, because you missed -" I aimed a kick at Hermione`s shin.

I gave her a look saying clearly, "You can't tell them I like Ron!!`" Hermione looked back and mouthed, ``It was a joke. I would never give you away like that.`` I smiled at her. What would I do without her?

``Whatever it was, it had to have been better then summer at the Dursleys.`` Harry said.

We didn’t get time to talk very much. Soon the Hogwarts castle was looming up in front of us. We hopped off the train and took a carriage up to the school.

We entered the Great Hall and took our seats at the Gryffindor table. I could hear Ron's stomach growl form across the table.

"I'm hungry," Ron mumbled.

"Do you do anything but eat?" I laughed.

Ron smiled. Soon, McGonagal entered the Great hall carrying the Sorting Hat, and a troop of first years following behind her.

"Theres my sister." I pointed out to Ron. It was my sisters first year. I was hoping she was going to be Sorted into Gryffindor, like me.

The first years were being called up to try on the Hat. When would it be my sisters turn? Soon enough, "Shay, Nicole!" was called.

"Hey, she has the same last name as you!" Ron said.

"Of course she does, stupid! That's my sister!!" I kicked Ron and laughed.

Nicole sat with the Hat on her head for a while. I held my breath.

"HUFFLEPUFF!!!!" The Hat shouted.

I snorted, trying to hold in my laughter. I clapped along with everybody else. At least it wasn't Slytherin!

Food started to appear on the tables. Ron's eyes lit up. He started to pile food onto his plate. Hermione and I exchanged glances, laughing.

+ + + + + + + +

The four of us sat in front of the fire that evening in the common room, looking over our lesson agenda for the next day. Ron groaned.

"Divination first thing tomorrow!" he said.

"Shouldn't have taken the class then," Hermione said. "I told you it was fake."

Harry smiled. We all had the same classes, except for the first class. Hermione didn't even bother with Divination anymore. I closed the book I was reading and slipped it inside my bag.

"I think I'm going to head of to the girls dorm now," I told them. Hermione, Ron, and Harry stood up as well.

"Good night," we all said. Ron and Harry turned to go to the boys dorm, while Hermione and I turned the other way to the girls.

"When are you going to admit that you like Ron?" Hermione asked as we walked up the stairs.

"Not soon. He might not like me back." I replied. "That would be embarrassing."

"You might be suprised," she told me.


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