Hey Guys, I'd like you to meet 5 of my favorite idols.

5 out of a ton xD

Chapter 1

And here they are.

Few things

1) Thanks for caring about this, and reading!
2) Don't diss. Don't hate, or judge.
3) If you don't like One Direction, scat off this page, pussy cat.

And hey, ladies, get this. There are 7 look-alikes to each person. So, 7 times 5 is? Yep! 35! There are 35 look alikes to One Direction! 7 Zayns, Nialls, Liams, Harrys and Louis'! xD

in announcer voice Hello! I'd like you too meet the first of my favorite idols, Mister Liam James Payne of One Direction! HE was born August 29th, 1993, born and raised in Wolverhampton, UK! Son of Karen and Geoff Payne xD And he's one damn sexy british boy! He also has two older sisters, Ruth and Nicola!

xD In my opinion. And not to brag but, most people think i'm most like Liam, and they ship Liam and I... If that would ever happen! Which would rock my world. Baha. Liam's also the most serious, smart, and sophisicated boy in One Direction, but can still be hilariously immature with the rest of the boys. This boy has no idea what the affect he has on me. He's made me laugh, cry, and almost every emotion. THis lad also really inspires me. He's so strong, brave, and wonderful. This guy was bullied and he taught me to keep holding on, no matter how hard it gets, and that someday, you'll find love. Also, he has an insane obsession of Toy Story, and disney! And I congradulate him, this strong lad now has two functioning kidneys! His nickname is Daddy direction, or Leeeyum.

Now, next is... drumroll Harold Edward (Harry) Styles! Or Haz, or Hazza. Born February 1st, 1994. 18 going 19 February! Born and raised in Chesire, UK. Son of Anne Cox and Des Styles. He has one sister, Gemma. Now, most directioners would say that Danielle Peazer, Eleanor Calder, and Perrie Edwards are their idols, and that doesn't go for me, no sir! Gemma is mine. :D Now, this boy is very.. perverted. And different, in a great way. His luxurious locks of curls have girls hooked on this guy. Or is it the fact he parades around naked? xD Some people i'm like Haz to, do to my... let's say, non-innocent nature. As people would see me, I can be hilariously perverted like Mister Styles. Ask Mandy (xBVBx), Fay (Awena_Evenstar), and Micki/Cassie! (Dance!) They'll clarify. Now, this lad, he gives me hope. This poor lad's gotten hate for a little screw up. Sure, but you should see this guy. He shows to me that you shouldn't give into hate that people give. He admitted he wasn't that strong of guy in "One Direction: A Year In the Making", and cried. This boy also has an affect on me that you wouldn't fully understand. Overall, he's a great, caring guy.

Next is Niall James Horan. Or his direction nickname, Nialler. This is one silly little character! One of the major turn ons he gives to girls is that he's irish, or that they get hooked on his accent. He was born September 13, 1993, to Maura Gallagher and Bobby Horan. He only has one brother, Greg. Now, this lad is different from the other british lads. He's different. He's irish, left-handed, and only has one brother, elder. While the rest of the boys are british, right handed, and they have many sisters. Exept for Zain, who might be part pakstanian due to his appearance. But you shant'nt judge this boy. Yeah, this guy is really loud. And he laughs alot. And there will probably never be a time that he isn't hungry. He's hungry 24/7. I'd like to thank him, even though he may never read this. But, thank him still. He's a reason that Fay likes One Direction. His adorable self made Fay love One Direction. ANd if it wasn't for Nialler, i'd probably haven't done things with Fay that I have. Role-Play wise. Although doubted by many people, and the fact that he doesn't get to sing that much, he's an awesome lad, and guitarist. He's a great singer! And if Katy Perry didn't say yes to this boy, there would be no One Direction. And Niall made a promise to Katy, now kept. Katy, Niall, you're just... Phenomeniall. And Niall, I know you're not reading this, but trust me, you're a great lad, and keep up the great work :)

Next is Louis William Tomlinson! (Aka Boo Bear, or Louis the "Tommo" Tomlinson.) Truth be told, he was born Louis Troy Austin! He took his stepfather's last name. But Louis Austin doesn't really sound that right, do you think? He was born December 24th. Christmas Eve, 1991. This lad is truely a Christmas Miracle. Blessed with such musical talent, along with 4 great british and irishmen. From Doncaster, UK, born to Johannah Poulston and Troy Austin. He has 5 younger half siblings on his mother's side. Georgia Austin, Charlotte, Felicite, and twins Daisy and Phoebe Tomlinson. This boy. He's insanely hilarious. And he makes me laugh when I feel down. When i'm sad, I watch a video diary and what he does make me laugh out all the sadness. Some people say i'm like him too, due to my humor and my great sarcasm. This guy is totally awesome. He inspires me with his humor. I know, it sounds silly, but I now see why Micki loves this lad so much. He can be described as funny. For the most part. xD Anyway, he is a great singer, unfortunately like Niall, he doesn't get to sing much. We also share the keenest interest in Carrots and the Fray.. xD If you're talking about Carrots, pigeons, toms, stripes, suspenders, superman, or red pants, I think "LOUIS!" xD This guy is happy 24/7. No raining on this man's parade! And I love his postivity! Well, Louis! I wish you the best in life! :)

And finally, Zain Javadd Malik, or Zayn, or DJ Malik or Bradford Bad boy, the fifth and final member in One Direction. 3/5 of One Direction, Harry, Liam, and Louis are all full English. Or just about. While he and Niall are different cultures, Niall being Irish and him being Pakstanian! Most people think Zain's name is spelled "Z-A-Y-N", but that's just for the whole famous world. He was born January 12, 1993 in Bradford, UK, to Father Yaser, and mother Tricia Malik, (nee brannan.) His three sisters ore Doniya, Wailyha, and Safaa. Even though this guy's a cigarette addict, I pay no mind, most of my family being addicts also. But as I wish for all cigarette addicts, I wish you'd stop. Anyway, Zain's the mysterious and quiet member, being famously known for his "Vas Happenin?", but same as Liam, he can really cut loose and be immature. He's one of the most romantic and loving members. He's slowly teaching me with his quote, "Your life's a rollercoaster. So sit back, and enjoy the ride that is life." Life, unfair, but still worth living, because you only have one chance, and you should make the best of it.

Now, that wraps up on why One Direction are one of my favorite idols. :)



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