Hetalia Slave!


Chapter 1

Taiwan...Please don't hurt me! XD

Name: Australia
Age: 17
Fav. Colour? Green
Your master is... Japan Oh no...
Why did he make you his slave? He thinks you're sexy x/////x
Okay, RP time! How does he treat you? "Like a...well, slave"
How you behave towards him? "I act all nice, but I am secretly trying to escape" (Smart move!) >.>
What clothes do you have to wear? "Dresses. Really. Short. Dresses." (Damn) Sounds like something he would do!
What does he call you? 'You' (Ouch...)¨
Does he show affection? "Nope, he rather have me being all over him"
Do YOU show affection? "I kiss him all the time!!" (Eager, aren't we?) No...
Does he punish you when you do something wrong? "Yes"
If yes, how? "He won't let me go anywhere without him, even the bathroom..." (Damn)
If yes, how long? (If it's time-based) "An hour"
The sex? "Hurst..."
How offen? "Twice a day"
Where do you sleep? "I have my own room! :D" (Awesome!)
Okay, pause on RP. Does he love you? Yes
Ok, back to RP. What happens in the end? He forces you to marry him I'm so scared....

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