Revenge is Sweet: A Teddy Lupin/ Victoire Weasley Next Generation Love Story

What happens when the death eaters come back? With a new leader? What would it be like if you were at Hogwarts with a new doctoral rule? Well there's only one way to find out....

Chapter 1

Victoire POV

I look up at Hogwarts expecting to see its warm glow coming from the windows welcoming us back to Hogwarts. But no, it's much darker, there is no more soft glow, it looks almost spooky. I look at teddy sitting next to me, he looks at me uncertaintly for a second, then looks back up at the glooming castle. I know from that second, this year is going to be different, very different.


We walk into the castle and into the great hall, awaiting to see what or who will be there. I try to tell myself that maybe the candles are running out and its just a bit darker. I look around me to see what my peers are thinking. They too, are looking nervous. As we sit down there is an uproar of whispers that explode through the hall. I look straight at the headmaster/headmistress chair, instead of seeing professor mcgonagall sitting there, I see a man, a dark haired man with a long, pale, twisted face, and a dark robe giving the aura of someone dangerous, evil even. I have no idea who the heck he is, but I do notice that none of the same teachers are there. Where is professor longbottom? Professor sprout? Professor Flitwick? Hagrid? And all the others? In their place sits men and women all in dark robes glaring down at us.

I ignore their stares and sit down like everyone else, silently and trying not to make the slightest of sounds. I sit next to my best friend Mckenna Robinson, and teddy. McKenna smirks at me when I sit next to him, she knows that I have a huge crush on him, pretty much everybody knows except him. It may be pretty obvious, I've had a crush on him forever and all he thinks of me, is a friend. Teddy is a 7th year and I'm a 6th year, so some people say it will never happen, but I never give up, besides, it's only a year difference.

A dark haired man comes in with the sorting hat leading the first years inside. They all awe at the magnificence of the great hall, they don't know that it looks different. But I do notice a couple whisper to each other about the array of teachers. I spot my cousin, James in their midst. The dark haired man places the hat on a 1st year student one at a time. I clap with my fellow gryffindors as some 1st years join Gryffindor house.

"Potter, James" says the man holding the sorting hat. I look at the table of teachers glare even more at James alone as he steadily walks up and try's on the hat. The hat almost imediatly desides and says,

"GRYFFINDOR!" I clap even louder as James joins the table. the list finishes with Jenny Zellerman (hufflepuff). I sit there awaiting the explanation of this dark change that may or may not come.

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