This Is War ~ A WWII/1D Story

This came to me while watching the beginning scene of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. No hate, please. This is a simple idea that came to me. I also suggest to be fifteen or sixteen and up to read this, it gets graphic. Enjoy!

Liesel Mathilda Hertz:,beach,black,and,white,girl,beautiful,portrait-23aae9681b766baf9451eeec85154e23_h.jpg

Liesel 2:

Chapter 1


by: xBVBx
"Alfred, she's seventeen. She'll be fine," my mother begged.
Father shook his head. "There's no way I'll be sending our little girl to another country."
Mother sighed, resting her forehead in her hand. "Alfred, please. Just put her first on the list. If she goes first, theres a chance she could take Claus and Otto with her."
Father frowned, the wrinkles in his forehead becoming very prominent. This war was tearing him apart. As much as he didn't want to let his little girl go, he knew it was the only solution to get them out of Berlin.
"Alright, alright, Ida. We'll put her first, but we have to talk to her about it as well and what's expected of her."
Mother smiled, before reaching over the table to grab his hand, squeezing it gently in hers. "This will be good for her, Alfred. She'll be alright."
Father smiled gently at her, before releasing her hand and walking upstairs to the daughters room. When he knocked and walked in, there she sat, staring out the window, her everyday routine since the start of the war.
"Liesel, my child," he said softly.
The seventeen year old turned and looked at him, her almost doll like face shining in the moonlight. "Yes, father?"
Her voice sang like bells in his ears, and his heart dropped, bringing him to his knees. Oh, how'd he miss her.
Liesel quickly rose from her seat by the window, rushing to her fathers side. "Father are you alright?"
Sobs came from his chest, before looking up at her. "Liesel, we have to send you away."
The girls eyes widened and she backed away from him. "What? Why?"
He stood up, putting his hands on her shoulders. "Liesel, darling, its for your safety."
She frowned, her eyes sad. "It's about the war, isn't it?"
Alfred frowned as well. He knew deep down that he didn't want to say it was true, but he'd have to tell her now. "Yes, its because of the war. We want you to stay safe. We've put you first on the list to leave."
"Father!" she exclaimed. Tears rushed to her eyes. "What about Claus and Otto?!"
He kissed her forehead, before holding her in his arms. "That's why we put you first. They'll send the boys over after you so we know someone we trust will have them." A sad smile sat on his face. "Mother and I are getting too old to travel, dear. But I promise, we'll make it."
There they stood. The father, Alfred, held his little girl in his arms one last time before helping her pack her things. They didn't know this would be the last time they saw each other.

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