In Your Face

In Your Face

:3 did this late at night after watching Bleach on adultswim lol

Chapter 1

Gotham's Monster Star

Time to get down
And dirty with you batman
I'll be the remains of your dead body
I'll gobble you up whole
Spit you out as a corpse
I'll make you into my toy
Out of my own body
Soft and sticky
Make me wet all you want
I'll devour you in my mud
I'll take your last breath away with a promise
I'm your thick wall of despair
The monster in the ground
I can even become you
Just don't need any bones
Your my amusement to mimic
I can not be contain
Touch me if you dare
My body been everywhere
Just might poison you
I'll absorb you like quick sand
You'll be mine forever
I'm the terror in the movie
And outside pulling you inside my stomach
I have many ways to suck you in
All that will be left of you
Your bones with mud over it
Commit the ultimate crime, your death
That's the monstrous mudpack
Your feat of clay


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