My Thoughts on Larry Stylinson. (Louis and Harry.)

Chapter 1

Larry Stylinson~ My thoughts~

I believe that Harry and Louis are truly dating, I wouldn't be surprised if they had been together since x-factor.
YES. I know Louis has a girlfriend.
I believe she is a cover. I would almost 100% guarantee it. I believe she was carefully picked by management to be a cover for Louis and Harry.
It's pretty obvious if you ask me. You'd probably argue: "oh, they are just friends."
Or "Oh they are close like brothers." Yeah well, My brothers and Friends and I aren't that close.
I'm barely even that close to my boyfriend.
Harry and Louis are dating and Have something special. I'll put some of what I think is evidence in the next chapter. Comment with your thoughts! I want to know!
Or make a story and put the link in the comments!

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