The Dawn of Six

Damian, Imogen, Ethie, Lauren, Crim and Amber are back.
After a shocking revelation about their captor, Morgan Delriyser, their memories are wiped and Crim, Amber and Damian are trained . . . To kill.
Ethie, Lauren and Imogen see each other on a daily basis, but when the old team is thrown together in a slice of luck, will long-buried feelings be enough to jog their minds?

Chapter 1

Damian Stefani

I padded along the wall; my booted feet making not a sound. The inky black sky pressed on my shoulders, and I ran swiftly. I could hear the pursuit behind me, and didn’t necessarily wish to tangle with the Washington guards. Up ahead, the wall dropped off suddenly to the 20-foot deep lake beneath. I prepared to hop down and continue my wild sprint, but the air around me was suddenly riddled with bullets and shouting. 

Ducking quickly, my mind snapped to a decision, and I plunged feet-first into the icy lake. The shock racked my body with chills, but I promptly shut off my brain. Kicking my feet, I swam through the lake, holding my breath until I thought my lungs would burst. After what seemed like forever, the dirt of the bank crumbled under my eager fingers. I propelled myself out of the water and began my run. My legs ached and my dripping black hair was in my eyes, but I saw the rendezvous point and picked up the pace.  

“Stefani!” I heard the call and my head swiveled to see one of the social security guards—a mole, no doubt—waving me toward my escape. Even in the current situation, I couldn’t help an eager smile from spreading across my usually stoic face. A sleek black motorbike stood propped in a clearing. Always one for safety, my Employer had supplied a blacked out helmet and a leather biking jacket to slip on over my dark bodysuit.

“Let’s ride.” 

I streaked through town; the two fluorescent headlights shining bright as I weaved in and out of traffic. HQ expected me back at three AM sharp, and it was only two. I had time, but no space was enough. As if to punctuate this point, a sharp beam of light flicked on above me and highlighted my escape.

“Stop where you are. Stop.” The tinny voice reverberated inside my helmet’s speakers.   

"Buona fortuna con quello." I snickered in Italian. Leaning hard to the left, I angled straight toward a semi heading in the opposite direction. To the older, "experienced" men above me, I was just some crazy 18-year-old kid on a motorbike, and the underestimated me yet again.

Their mistake.

I dipped my foot down to the ground until my boot pressed painfully against the asphalt. Tires screaming, I slid underneath the truck with my helmet a hairs-breadth away from the metal underbelly. The spotlight swung in circles as I straightened. The geniuses had already lost me. But in my current position I couldn't escape their greedy clutches, and I knew all too well what terrible things would befall me if they got their hands on me. There was a sliver of absolute darkness in between the upcoming tunnel and the woods beyond.

I slid effortlessly in and shot through the new tunnel of dark. Light shone bright on the other side, and I skidded to a stop in a garage of concrete and glimmering vehicles. I was right on time, as per usual, and the Employer's assistant, Morgan Delriyser, stood waiting for me. 

"Hey hotshot." She smiled shyly, tucking a strand of blonde hair behind one ear. I stopped the rumbling motor of the bike and planted one foot to the floor to keep from completely falling over on the bike. My lanky frame topped 6'2, but the bike was tall as well. Tugging the helmet off, my dark hair--still wet and dripping--fell back around my angular face. It was longer than it should be. I couldn't remember the last time I had it cut. 

"You were out long." Morgan asked casually, taking my helmet. But I could see the worry on her face. "Did everything go alright?" 

"Perfectly fine. It was pretty touch-and-go at one point, but I'm here now aren't I?" Grinning crookedly, I slid off the bike and tucked an arm around her waist. Her eyes shone, but ever the diva, she glanced around dramatically. 

"If my Father sees . . . " She warned.

"I'll kick his ass." I sounded as confident as I felt about Morgan's father . . . My Employer. I had never seen him. Only heard the dreadful stories about him pouring from Morgan's perfect little bow-mouth. 

As we walked, I saw a girl around my age. She had on thick yellow gloves and was holding a bucket of cleaning supplies. Her wild blonde hair was twisted into a disheveled bun, but her brown eyes held a spark not normally seen around Headquarters.

Imogen. The name came from nowhere, and it made my heart flutter and my head pound. Imogen Kleinn. That name . . . Where had I heard it? I guess it had been somewhere around base. 

Shaking off the unknown, I kissed my secret girlfriend's head and continued on to the life I had always known. 

Here we go again! What do you think of this all?
Writers: if you are confused on ANYTHING don't hesitate to message me!
Kitty xx

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