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This is all written in short hand and conversation. You should pick up on it quick. Thanks for all who helped chose names. You'll see the winners in the story.

Chapter 1

Post it notes,school,and light bulbs

~Monday morning second week of school~
Devin:(walks to her locker and opens it. Not pleased to be here)
Jennifer:(walks up behind Devin and startled her)Hey D!
Devin: (mumbles something under her breath) Hi Jen
Jennifer:(smiles) hey if your going to skip third period again today could you get me a smoothie from Twist-Itz?
Devin: (closes her locker and sighs) sorry Jen no smoothie today I have a stupid tour to give (annoyed)
Jennifer: Oh that's right! Your in the Welcoming Club now under the principles orders. What'd you do to deserve that?
Devin:(gives a little grin) I put the frogs from bio class in the noodle casserole in
the lunch room. If you ask me it was an improvement.(the grin disappears) But old Mr.Blackweld said it was inexcusable and gave me the closest thing he could to community service. He said it will be best for everyone.(shrugs her shoulders)
Jennifer: (sarcastic) oh yes because the best thing for the new kids to see first is your smiling face
Devin:(trys to smile but is way to annoyed)
Jennifer: My point exactly! Well hey I got to go Blake is waiting up for me.
Devin:(rolls her eyes) oh well I wouldn't want to interrupt that
Jennifer: hehe see ya at lunch k?(walks off)
Devin: (closes her locker and heads to the first class)
Third period~
Devin:(walks to the principles office and stops outside the door) thinks:Okay Devin don't except the worst just try to smile and get this done and over with(puts on a fake smile and walks in in the middle of a conversation)
Mr.Blackweld: and that is why the school doesn't get blown over by the wind...Oh right on time!! Meet Luna (looks over to the girl sitting in the leather chair across from him)
Devin: (grins and holds out her hand) Hey Luna Im Devin nice to meet you
Luna:(shakes her hand but is to nervous to say anything so just stares at Devin)
Devin:well this just got awkward
Mr.Blackweld: Devin will be showing you around today isn't that right Devin
Devin: Sure will (smiles) just to make sure you don't get lost
Mr.Blackweld: Say hi Luna...
Luna:(still starring at Devin says softly) Hi Luna....
Devin: (laughs softly)
Luna: (snaps out of it) huh? I mean. Hi I'm Luna! Thank for agreeing to show
me around today that's very kind of you.(smiles wide)
Devin: Hey no problem. Anything to help out a new addition to the school (is lying through her teeth and freezing up a bit herself)
Mr.Blackweld: well I'll let you start the tour now. Have fun girls. And welcome Luna.
Devin: K see you principle Blackweld. Come on Luna (walks out of the office)
Luna:(grins and follows)
A little later in the tour~
Devin: and this right here is the computer lab (opens the door to let Luna get a peak in) we have all out technology class here
Luna:(nods thoughtfully) I don't really understand computers that much
Devin:(whispers) it's okay the teacher really doesn't care so I just look at YouTube videos the whole time(grins and looks into Luna's eyes)
Luna:(laughs and tilts her head back) Your a really fun host Devin.
Devin:(looks forward and smiles) thanks. So what do you like the school so far?
Luna:I love it! The spirit. The people. The classes. It all perfect!
Devin: Well I'm glad you like it (grins)
Luna:(gasps in awe) Devin I just noticed something!!!
Devin:(a bit confused) what?
Luna:(smiles really big and points up excitedly) The lightbulbs are really shiny!!! I love it!!
Devin: (tilts her head back laughing) wait wait wait so you like the lightbulbs the best
Luna:(smiles and nods)
Devin:(still laughing) your ridiculous Luna (can't stop laughing)
Luna: Is that a bad thing?(smiles and looks at her feet)
Devin: (composes herself) no no not at all. It's great! I needed a laugh. Thanks. (is a little shocked to find that she wasn't lying on her complements for once)
Luna:(looks up smiling) well I'm glad I made you laugh then.
Devin:So did you do any sports in your old school?
Luna: um well I do Field Hockey but I never went out for the school team
Devin: (shocked and excited) Get out!! I play that too!
Luna:(starts to tear up and looks down) why do you want me to get out? Was it something I said?I thought you liked being around me? I thought we could be friends?
Devin:(feels bad and gives Luna a hug realizing now how sensitive she is) Im
sorry Luna I really am I do enjoy you being around. I didn't mean it like that it's just an expression (rubs her back gently and let's her cry into her shoulder) and I would be more than happy to be your friend I really would.
Luna: (looks up and wipes the tears from her eyes) really. You mean it?
Devin:(smiles) of course I mean it.why the hell did I just hug her! That's so unlike me! I must be taking this whole host thing way to far. But I mean what I said which is even scarier. I just feel like a want to protect her and keep her safe(thoughts are interrupted by the bell)
Luna:(eyes grow big in shock) Fire!!!! (holds onto Devin's arm in panic)
Devin:(chuckles) Luna that's the bell (smiles) did you have them at your old school. Well anyways it's time to go to lunch. Follow me to the lunch room.
Luna:(nods and walks with Devin still holding onto her arm)
Devin:(smiles to herself)
At Lunch~
Devin: (walking with Luna carrying a tray of food in the middle of a conversation) Trust me (giggles) you don't want the noodle casserole. (See's Jennifer waving her over and taps Luna's shoulder) come on over here(they walk over and put their trays down at the table)
Jennifer: Hey bad mamma (grins at Devin)
Devin: Hey Jen! (nods to the guy at the table) hey Blake.
Blake: (returns the nod)
Jennifer: so....this must be the new girl (smiles polite to Luna)
Devin: (nods) yes everyone this is Luna. She's going to start classes here tomorrow but I'm showing her around today.
Luna:(grins and gives a big wave) hey Devin's friends
Jennifer:(grins and waves back) Hey Luna
Blake: nice to meet you Luna
Luna: yes I would like it that why
Blake : (mouths) what??
Devin: So guess what
Jennifer: What?
Blake: What?
Luna: (in a serious tone) Monkeys finally communicated that they find banana jokes racist
(they all stare at Luna a bit then snap out of it)
Devin: Luna plays Field Hockey
Jennifer: (claps her hands excitedly) Oh my gosh this is great!!! Luna you have to come to practice after school today and try out for the team!
Luna: (smiles a little nervous with being put on the spot) ohh um..I don't know...I don't have a stick or cloths or...(is interrupted)
Jennifer: oh please!!please please please!!! I know D has a spare stick you can borrow and I bet one of the girls has some clothes you can wear.
Luna:(looks to Devin for approval)
Devin:(smiles at Luna) I think it's a great idea and you'd make a good addition to the team
Luna:(nods her head)
Jennifer: Great so your in!!!
Luna: In what? (looks confused)
Devin: (trys hard not to laugh but smiles real big)

To be continued

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