Favorite Band Survey

Favorite Band Survey

Chapter 1

The Living End

by: marcoi
1. Name of the band:
The Living End

2. How long have you been a listener?:
Since around 2002

3. Tell how you discovered them in 5 words or less. (gonna have to be vague):
Found them online

4. What country are they from?:

5. What language do they sing in?:

6. Do you know how they became famous?:
Not exactly sure, have good music?

7. What year did the band form?

8. Who makes up the band?
Chris Cheney, Scott Owen, Andy Strachan

9. Ever been to one of their shows?
Yeah quite a few

10. What was the first and last CD they put out?
The Living End (1998) and The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating (2011)

11. Do they have any DVDs released, if so do you own any of them?
yeah, Live From Festival Hall

12. Is this band a mainstream band?
Here, somewhat yeah.

13. Ever seen one of their videos on mtv/vh1/Fuse?
Don't think so - I don't really watch those.

14. How many CDs of theirs do you own?
All of them

15. Do you own any of their singles?

16. Do you have any band t-shirts for them?
a few

17. Name 5 of their songs that you can think of off the top of your head (doesn't matter if you like it or not):
-Roll On
-Don't Shut the Gate
-Revolution Regained
-Machine Gun
-Short Notice

18. What is your favorite song by them?
Don't know if I could just pick one.

19. Favorite CD of theirs?
All of them...but right now State of Emergency

20. How much would you be willing to pay to see them live?
quite a bit of cash, I wouldn't mind

21. Who's your favorite member of the band?
Need them all to make a band. - very true

22. What instruments do they play?
Drums, guitars, bass, the usual.

23. Do any of your friends listen to this band as well?

24. What clothing style do they wear?
Clothes they like I assume...

25. Post a photo?

26. Do your parents like this band?
My mom knows a few of their songs.

27. Can you name all the songs that are on one of their CDs?
Probably all of them. - yeah

28. What other bands do you like that sound like this one?
I don't know who to compare them to right now.

29. Is their CD in your CD player right now?

30. Do you have their music on your ipod/zune/whatever?

31. Do you have anything autographed by them?

32. Least favorite song by them?
don't think I have one

33. Last time you listened to them?
this morning

34. Ever been in a mosh pit at one of their shows?

35. Were they more famous when you started listening to them, or are they more famous now?
yeah they were already famous

36. What's a song of theirs you can listen to on repeat without getting bored?
Revolution Regained

37. Are you listening to them now?

38. On a scale of 1-10 rate your knowledge of the band.

39. Ever wrote about them for a school paper?

40. What color are the main singer's eyes?
I had to look at a photo - they look blue, green?

41. How many band members are there in the band?

42. Can you name them all and what they play?
Chris Cheney – guitar, lead vocals
Scott Owen – double bass, backing vocals
Andy Strachan – drums, backing vocals

43. What genre is their music?
punk, rocka/psychobilly, ?

44. If I went to a cd store would I be able to find their cd?

45. Where do you buy most of their band merch?
i got mine from their shows

46. Did anyone get you into this band? Who?

47. Do you own any movies with their music featured in it?
no I don't

48. If this band broke up, would you cry?
Sad yeah, cry no.

49. Second fave band next to this one?
There's a few that could be up there.

50. How much has this band influenced you?
I was 10 when I started listening to them so they really influenced my style in school and my music taste then.


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