The Werewolf Hunter

meet seven year old Iris, and of course her best friend Damian. They have been best friends for almost there whole life. But once the Damian's mother got a job out of state they have to move, leaving Iris depressed and wondering if she will ever find another person like Damian again. Ten years later they reunite, but Damian is a completely different person, his attitude had change, his look has changed. But there was something about him that draws Iris to him, and she won't stop until finds out.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I stared at the big dog full in the face. He was big, scary, and mean. But somehow he was always friendly to me, along with other dogs I met in the last seven years of my life. Yep, I'm seven and I have no problem with dogs, I always felt they would protect me from any danger.
Damian was okay with dogs, he's not in love with them like I am but he also doesn't hate them, for my sake. Damian has been my best friend for all I could
remember, (since I was three.)
He's only a year older than me but that doesn't stop us from being so close.
"Come on, Damian, just pet him. He won't bite." I said with a huge grin on my
face while I petted the dogs head.
"Not you he will! Besides, I'm good here." I looked to see him hanging upside
down from the monkey bars, ebony hair hanging down instead of his usual in
the face due. He had a crazy grin on his face and a wild look in his blue eyes.
"But he's so cute!"
"He's a saint Bernard!"
"I thought you didn't know dogs all that well."
"That doesn't mean I don't know the breeds."
The owner of the dog tugged on his leash "Come on, bye kids!"
I waved "Bye!" I looked over at Damian who was still hanging upside down. "You could of had the chance to pet him!"
"Over my dead body!"
"I can arrange that." I reached around to the back of my head and pulled out my hair elastic, letting my dark black waves fall loose and long.
"I hope you don't mind but I will use this while doing it."
"What?!" he tried getting himself out of the monkey bar position but he was going really slow so I had enough time to run to him.
I was trying to pull him free from the monkey bars, both of us laughing while doing so. "Iris! Knock it off! That tickles!" he waved his arms at me so I wouldn't try to pull him but that gave me an advantage, I took hold of both his arms in my hands and pulled him from the monkey bars.
He landed on top of me and stared down into my face, "You're eyes are pretty, blue like mine."
"And you weigh a ton, get off me!" I pushed him off me, I got up to brush my pants off.
"Ha! I knew that make you grossed out!"
"Well, duh," I said as I sat down beside him on the grass "I'm not all with the mushy gushy stuff. Besides, you could have cooties and I don't want to catch that."
He laughed "Cooties don't exist, you're just afraid to show a little love!" he grabbed me in a fierce tight hug.
"People might see us!" I said. But he and I both knew that I loved hugging people, so he teases me and hugs me while doing so.
"I won't let you go until you hug me back." he said, still clinging on to me.
I put my arms around him and squeezed, tight, tight enough that when I let go he gasped from the pain.
"That's right, I drink my milk." I smirked.
"From what I'm guessing is from a sippy cup."
"I'm not that much younger than you!"
"Really, what's ten time two?"
"Shut up."
He just laughed.

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