Survivor (UPDATEEEEE :))

Teens are faced with unthinkable predicaments..Plz keep reading...there will be many more chapters! hope ya like! Yes, there are plenty of chapters, but there all very short so dont stop becuz ya c so many!
by: _Forever__Broken_ , I_wont_hate , Breaking The Falls, & Unicorns_R_Boss

Chapter 1


by: nopls
"RINGGGGGGGGG" went my alarm clock. I jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed for the day. its my very first day of school! I am so excited! I live with my 17year old brother Mikah, and my 3 year old sister, Bonnie. I'm 15, have blonde hair, and gray eyes. My mom died giving birth to Bonnie, and my dad killed himself 2 years ago, nobody knows why though. And i struggle to stay happy. We live in a 1 bedroom house so all 3 of us share a room.
VERONICA!!!!! Mikah called "The bus is heree!!!"
I dashed down the hallway burst thru the doors and hopped on the bus

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